Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I dropped the needle on Bun-B’s new album and immediately fell in love with “Chuuuch” from the funky organ and bass guitar to the hook and Bun-B’s flow/delivery/lyrics. It’s a little odd to go from such a soulful flavor into T-Pain’s voice on the next track “Trillionaire”, but I was thankful to wait for Bun-B to roll in. Bun-B has a unique delivery that is instantly recognizable; something a lot of artists don’t seem to grasp. With all that said, “Trillionaire” is not a song I would spin in the clubs or on the radio or bump in my whip. Jeezy taking the first 47 seconds of “Just Like That” got too old too fast. Not really feelin this track either. “Put It Down” starts with Bun-B immediately and returns to the soulful vibe I want to hear from Bun-B. Drake singing on the song is fire but I am burned out listening to Drake rappin so I just flipped to the next track when Drake’s verse was like 6 bars deep. “Right Now” is a track that will be getting play from me heavy. The horns are dope and Trey Songz blazed the hook. “Right Now” and “Chuuuch” are my top picks by this point, especially hearing Tupac’s voice again. “Countin Money” had my attention when I first heard it, but the first time I watched the video pfffft hooked. The production of “Speakeasy” is once again laced with funk and had me noddin my head immediately. Listen for the drum fill at the 1:02 mark and you’ll start to notice it laced throughout the song. That little touch is dope – producers take notes. Twista’s verse is bananas and added value to the song rather than ruining it. “Lights Camera Action” has a snare hit that is constantly slapping and it somehow reminded me of old throwback Mantronix beats. The snare is kind of irritating, but check out the percussion when the second verse rolls in and pay close attention. Tell me you don’t miss some of the DC Go-Go?! “I Git Down 4 Mine” no wait…. “I GIT DOWN 4 MINE” IS MY FAVORITE TRACK! This mu’fucka had me ready to break some knuckles across somebody’s grill. I will play the shit out of this song for a while so get familiar with it now or I’ll make you sick of it. “Snow Money” had me laughing because I awready know some idiots from Pennsylvania are going to assume Bun-B is talking about their “PA”. This is some real dirty south-third coast “Fuck You I’m From Texas” shit and I will bump that in yo’ face! “Ridin Slow” is going to be bangin out a grip of trunks for months, including mine. “Let Em Know” had my respect right off top because DJ Premier produced it and Bun-B starts it off with a shout out to Guru. Bun-B sealed the deal with his lyrical patterns and then DJ Premier rubbin the needle?! I’m a DJ so I definitely fuck with any records with an actual DJ scratchin the hooks. “All A Dream” kind of blows that last remark though because the hook has Biggie scratched in under Letoya’s singing….but this song is too corny for me. With that said – this song has big radio potential. “Its Been a Pleasure” starts off with Drake and like I said – I am burned out on hearing his sissy voice and his rappin. Just sing the hook and leave the rappin to Bun-B. Overall “Trill OG” is a dope album and in my top 5 for 2010.

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