Are you ready to get your music put together by a real DJ who will actually put a mix in your mixtape AND offer guarantees on hits and promotion? Get your money's worth and secure a full mixtape package with Da' Hitman (Core DJs).  The price is $500 for a complete mixtape package.  You can review the details below, along with previous mixtapes from Da' Hitman's catalog.  Payment can be made below using a valid credit/debit card or a paypal account.

  • Mix and Host (actual mix)
  • Cover Art (Front and Back, 600x600 at 100dpi)
  • Press Release & E-blast
  • Guaranteed 10,000 hits within 7 days or full money back
  • Guaranteed posting to 20 websites within 7 days or full money back
  •  Html code to embed mixtape widgets (from a minimum of 3 mixtape sites)
  • URL links to listen/download (from a minimum of 5 mixtape sites)
  • Daily updates of numbers until the 10,000 hits & 20 websites has been reached
  • Twitter/Facebook promotion for 1 week

The mixtape will be free to listen to/download on a minimum of 5 mixtape websites but will be promoted to numerous other websites, blogs, publications, etc with a  guaranteed minimum of 20 different websites. Your mixtape will always be available to listen/download here at www.dahitman.com.

Payment must be made via PayPal using the PayPal button below.  You can pay via paypal or any valid debit/credit card.  Once payment has been received you will be contacted within 24 hours with confirmation of payment and provided instructions for submission of your music.

All music submissions must be in MP3 format.  Whenever possible, I prefer to have the street, acapella, and instrumental versions of all songs to be placed on the mixtape.  I reserve the right to reject any mixtape if the music is deemed unworthy of my name and brand. In that case, your money will be refunded within 24 hours. If you have any specific questions or comments, please send an email with the subject line "MIXTAPE BOOKING" to usmradio@gmail.com.

You can find my mixtape catalog below.  I would encourage you to click on a recent mixtape title to hear how I get it in as a DJ and also to see the promotion that goes behind every mixtape I release.  If you're going to pay any DJ to do your mixtape, you should always check out their recent work and you should never be reluctant to ask for numbers.  Get your money's worth. Get your mixtape done by a real DJ who can offer real results.


If you would like to secure your slot or multiple slots on the next "SLAP THAT MIX" mixtape, simply choose the number of slots below. Once your payment has been received, you will be contacted with a confirmation of payment and submission instructions.  You can secure 1 slot for $15, 2 slots for $25, or 3 slots for $30.  If the mixtape does not reach at least 10,000 hits and/or is not posted to a minimum of 20 websites within 7 days you will receive a full refund.

Select Number of Slots

I kicked off 2012 with volume 4 of my Slap That Mix mixtape series with plans of driving that series heavy in place of my Unique Styles 2K11 series, along with paid mixtape projects and select individual artist projects.  I anticipate rolling out between 25 and 30 mixtapes in 2012 with a soft cap set at 35.  Click on any mixtape title to go directly to that mixtape to listen/download and view all the details.

Mixtape Title - Release Date (2012 Catalog) 

Wreck A Mic "Return Of The Grizzly" - Dec 12
Slap That Mix Vol 12 - Oct 28
The Faction 2: WFKTN Radio - Sept 7
Audacity - June 16
Slap That Mix 11 - May 31
CoDizzle "Ego vs Diz" - May 25
MoTre' "Married 2 The Muzik" - May 14
Slap That Mix 10 - April 26
Dalla "No Time To Waste" - April 20
DK "Mr. Nasty (ForePlay Edition)" - April 14
Featuring Deonte - April 3
Slap That Mix 9 - March 29
Slap That Mix 8 - March 14
Slap That Mix 7 - March 6
Slap That Mix 6 - Feb 21
Slap That Mix: STL Edition - Feb 12
Core DJ Hot List - Feb 4
Slap That Mix 5 - Jan 28
Slap That Mix 4 - Jan 7

In 2011 I released 26 mixtapes and broke through 5 million total hits for the year. A huge bulk of the hits on my 2011 mixtape catalog came with the Unique Styles 2K11 mixtape series. My "Slap That Mix" mixtape series was launched with volume 1 on December 13th and with 3 volumes released within the same month the mixtape series drew more than 74,000 hits by New Year's Day.

Mixtape Title - Release Date (2011 Catalog)

Slap That Mix 3 - Dec 31
Slap That Mix 2 - Dec 19
Slap That Mix - Dec 13
Bad Seed - Dec 8
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 8 hosted by Pretty Ricky - Nov 21
Jyst "Let Him In" - Oct 2
Smokescreen Ent "Alabama vs Cali" - Sept 16
Razor Ray "No Mercy" - July 21
Official TXSMC Mixtape - July 16
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 7 hosted by Murphy Lee - July 8
Swurv Radio "Independents Day Airplay Vol 2" hosted by Murphy Lee - July 4
Unique Styles: Kentucky Edition - June 16
Unique Styles: STL Edition - June 9
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 6 hosted by Yung Joc - June 1
Unique Styles: Midwest Edition - May 22
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 5 hosted by 40 Glocc - May 13
Miss Marianna "Face Off" - May 1
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 4 hosted by Billy Blue - April 8
The Faction April 1
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 3 hosted by Nikki Grier - March 16
Skool "Independent Skool District" - March 1
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 2 hosted by Hopsin - Feb 25
Philos "Women On My Mind"  -  Feb 18
CoDizzle "Body Bags and Toe Tags"  -  Feb 7
Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 hosted by Ace Hood - Jan 28 TRIPLE CROWN AWARD
Jae Lei "Popped Off"  - Jan 11

In 2010 I released 39 mixtapes and nearly broke 3 Million hits with more than 1 million hits on just ThatCrack alone. My 2010 mixtape brought me an SEA nomination for Best R&B Mixtape of the Year along with 3 Triple Crown Awards from ThatCrack.com. Feel free to select any of the mixtapes below to hear my unique styles at work.

Mixtape Title - Release Date (2010 Catalog)

The Lesson - Jan 6
iKandy Magazine - Jan 21
Valentine Sex - Feb 14 2010 SEA Nomination for Best R&B Mixtape of the Year
Dallas 2 LA - Feb 20
Nucci Reyo “Crazies” - Feb 25
Wreckamic “Grizzly Bear Adams” - Feb 26
Space Age Generation “Progression” - March 3
DJYKCOR.com Members Only 2 - March 17
James Rich Experience - April 20
Glok Boyz “Layer Cake” - April 30
Rated Sex Vol 1 - May 17
Nice Major “Release Date” - May 24
Passport Status - June 10
Unique Styles Vol 11 - July 15
Sexy Truth - July 29  TRIPLE CROWN AWARD
XEL “9Ds” - Aug 28
Unique Styles Vol 15 - Sept 10
Deonte “Grown Man Shit” - Sept 20
Wreckamic “God of Flow 2” - Oct 1 TRIPLE CROWN AWARD
Lou Writer "Prelude to Love" - Oct 11
Unique Styles Vol 16 - Oct 16
Unique Styles Vol 17 - Nov 5 TRIPLE CROWN AWARD

*TRIPLE CROWN is awarded to the mixtape that is featured, most viral, and hottest download over a 2-week period.  I have received 5 TRIPLE CROWN awards from thatcrack.com.