Monday, August 30, 2010


Tum Tum just dropped his new mixtape PURP KOBAIN and the second I did a quick run through it I knew it was worth the download. Once I downloaded it and listened from top to bottom I knew without a doubt Tum Tum had just dropped one of my top picks for mixtapes (from a DJ other than me smh come on now lol). The production really jumps out as unique and lays the foundation for the entire project. He’s got production from 13 various producers over the 16 tracks, but they all blend together like they plotted it out together in the same studio. When “Cannabis Club” first starts off the Spanish guitar seems a little awkward, but let the beat melt into it and it flows perfect. Then flip to “September 24th” and dig the slap bass, wah, and organ. “I Be Kickin” jumps in and immediately gave me some theme music to roll with in the whip. I like the way the energy of the mixtape builds and releases throughout and you get a great illustration of that when “2 Much 3 Much” falls in. Then Hot Rod comes swinging in to sing the hook for “Award Winning” and I’m ready to head out to the hole-in-the-wall and get my blues on. If you haven’t lit up yet, wait until “This Shit Right Here” starts….now blaze. At first I didn’t like “Chucks” until the piano keys start talking 2 seconds later. I like when a song jumps right in and “Chucks” takes about 2-3 seconds to roll. Now if you ain’t at least buzzin by the time you “Kourtney Love” you need to hurry the hell up. Otherwise, you might not have the cool to vibe with the instruments and sit and listen to the song. The horns in “Smoke Piff” made me pay attention right away. I like the way this track builds and manages to keep my attention through a 55 second intro. Normally I would have bounced and slammed Tum Tum and the producer (Dangerous MCs) for wasting so much time with a build-up…could be the buzz I got building by now, but I was noddin my head through the whole damn song. If you’re looking for a top selection from the mixtape and classic Tum Tum then you’re going to love “If Its Fuck Me”. For everyone that has even just one hater – this is your anthem! That’s just a warm-up for my top pick from the mixtape. “Robbin On Elm Street” is bananas. The hook is eerie as shit, the production is aggressive with a lean forward, and Tum Tum just keeps that building when he rolls through his verses. “Smoke Something” had me remembering the classic “White Lines” track from WAY back in the days only because of the synth pattern that leads it off. It kind of has a Big Boi vibe with the funk and the hook. I fuck with this song too. “Gas Pipes” is just smooth as shit. Yes you will recognize the drum break looped through the track, but who’s hating on all the musical elements that Decoy laced into the production?! Peep the dash of strings and the soft synth and organ, and then listen to the piano reverb off the walls. This is one of the dopest pieces of arrangement and production I have heard in a minute. “Heart of a Champion” is the first song I really can’t listen to all the way through. This is track number 15 of 16 though, so I can’t be mad at that. The song just feels like a gimmick track because of the synth and the hook. “Stay Throwed” is the last track of the 16 on PURP KOBAIN and is a great way to end it and also a good transition to roll back to the top and listen to it all again. You’ll be hearing a lot of these tracks rolling into my mixes and if you hear “Robbin On Elm Street” bumpin up the block towards you, take cover – I’m in a gully mood and got my theme music bangin.

Listen/Download PURP KOBAIN here

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