Friday, October 15, 2010

Majic Massey "Birthday Girl"

The Core DJ's, Upfront Megatainment & Moremixshows present: Majic Massey "Birthday Girl"

MAJIC MASSEY The makings of an R&B/ Soul singer can be comprised of many elements; however Majic Massey has just the right ingredients that will leave his listeners anticipating more with his captivating debut album seductively titled “Love DNA”. His candid musical style offers soul wrenching lyrics and his dynamic vocal ability is sure to captivate any audience. Creatively, this talented visionary is more than ready to become an unstoppable force in the industry.
Majic Massey is not just a singer, but a storyteller who utilizes his experiences to weave a tale that men and women alike can relate to. His tremendous vocal range along with his edgy style creates a hypnotic vibe which music consumers will embrace and find refreshing.
A native of Chicago, Majic Massey grew up on the Westside. However when asked specifically where he is from Majic states “I’m from all sides of Chicago, the West, South, East and even the ghetto suburbs. I’m respected everywhere.” Clearly the streets of Chicago have been influential in the development of his soulful sound, yet he has been perfecting his craft since the age of two when he began singing in the church choir.
Although his road to recognition has been a long one, it has been through his setbacks that he has been able to find success with the aid of his business associate Valerie Gaytan of Plugged Entertainment. Majic garnered the attention of Valerie’s friend, SRC/Universal President Gaby Acevedo who in turn connected him with major producers and artists before he even secured a record deal. After listening to Majic’s music at the request of Acevedo, CEO of SRC/ Universal Steve Rifkind, met with the heads of Universal and it was unanimous that Majic could not leave New York without signing a record deal.
As an artist on SRC/Universal, Majic’s musical journey has lead him to artist development guru CEO of Upfront Megatainment, DeVyne Stephens. Stephens’ artistic direction has been instrumental in the making of Majic’s debut album “Love DNA”. The forthcoming single “I Want Her” slated to be release the second quarter of 2009 as well as “Scream My Name” are both sensual melodic tracks. Both tracks were written by Chef Tone and Majic with production by R&B producer Big Makk who has worked with Mega R&B superstar R. Kelly. Songs like “Scream My Name” and “I Want Her” solidify Majic’s debut “Love DNA” as a multi-layered soulful R&B sensation that is about to take the world by storm. “My music is as real as I am… life, love and everything in between”.

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