Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mike Corleone "I Be So High"

Mike Corleone is preparing for the release of his new EP titled "THE 7-30 PROJECT" and gave me a sneak peak at some of the heat to be expected, including the single "I Be So High" which you can hear below.

When asked about the EP Mike responded, "The 7-30 Project" is going to be a real strong EP demo. 7-30 is the cop call for crazy and its also my birthdate. The songs are based on a plethura of styles. I jus went crazy and tried to kill any style of rap on this EP. From that TX classic feel on "I Be So High" to some Drake-type singin on my song "Higher" for a more nationwide feel. With "The Movie" I tried to give listeners a feel of say...trap-or-die from Jeezy. some flashy shit and some deep shit. My mind was everywhere. I'm going to record a couple more singles, but my goal is to bring everybody in."

The anticipated release date for Mike Corleone's "The 7-30 PROJECT" is 11/9/2010.

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