Friday, November 5, 2010


It's rare that you come across a talent so unique not only with her music, but her style overall. Meet my sis Alkhemi Jones.

If there was ever a total package screaming to break out on a massive scale it would have to miss "bag lady" (inside joke). Alkhemi Jones sounds amazing in a club, bangin out the trunk of your whip while you wheelin the block, bouncing out of your speakers on the radio...she's good for every medium. BUT - once you see her perform live and witness her stage presence and command of a package.

Yes I endorse my sis Alkhemi HEAVY. I cosign my sis HEAVY. You've heard her songs "Where I'm From" and "Dreamin" on my shows and mixes before, but this shit right here?! YOU WILL HEAR THIS HEAVY! Watch for the Bad Girls Club Vol 2 mixtape to drop featuring music from Alkhemi and others - of course its hosted by none other than Alkhemi Jones.

Don't sleep on Alkhemi. Get connected with her on twitter @AlkhemiJones

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