Monday, December 27, 2010

Audio Two - Top Billin (12")

"Top Billin", although released as the b-side to "Make It Funky" in 1987, from the album "What More Can I Say?", was the 1988 breakout hit for hip hop duo Audio Two, and made a deep cultural impact on hip hop. Rapped to a beat by Stetsaonic's Daddy-O, Milk Dee's lyrics continue to be referenced and sampled to this day. The beat samples the drumbreak from the Honeydrippers' Impeach the President, but rearranged in a very unexpected fashion. Daddy-O did this mistakenly when he hit the wrong keys on his sampler's keyboard, but thankfully recognized the funkiness of the resulting pattern. This is the often sought after Top Billin Remix 12" single.

Side Audio: Top Billin (Remix)(More Bass), Top Billin (Teddy Ted Mix)(No Half Steppin), Top Billin (808 Style)
Side Two: Top Billin (Original), Top Billin (Acapella), The Freshest Slowest Jam

You'll hear a clip of this chopped into the JAE LEI "POPPEED OFF" mixtape I'll be dropping on 1/11/11

Download Here

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