Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DJ 2 DJ with DJ Ykcor

As a DJ and with an avid love for Hip-Hop and specifically our craft as DJs, I learn from a lot of other DJs in the game – both past and present. It ranges from actual DJ skills to their grind and hustle to their marketing and promotion and branding. Even though I do a lot of mixtapes, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DJ Ykcor for anyone’s mixtape project. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with his mix skills and his scratch game is bananas! I once sent a drop to DJ Ykcor for a mixtape he and I were doing together ( Members Only vol 2) and what he did with my simple acapella drop (track #6 on the mixtape posted below) was nothing short of amazing. He’s that dope on the decks. DJ Ykcor not only gets it in with the actual mix, but his numbers (hits, downloads, etc) are good for business.

While you listen to the mixtape we did together you can read the Q&A between myself and DJ Ykcor and get to know him better. Trust me, if you don't already know him - you need to know DJ Ykcor.

List the equipment you use as a DJ
Tech 12's, Rane TTM-57, Serato... What else is there?! LOL

Some DJs are known for their scratch game while others are known for their blend/mix skills, screwed & chopped skills, etc. What DJ skill do you feel is your signature, or your best?
All the above, I think that question is more for the people to decide.

The politics of the industry can get slippery for DJs trying to navigate between ongoing label drama, legal proceedings between artists and websites, artists beefing with each other and/or specific DJs, etc. How do the politics of the music industry affect you as a DJ?
Everything is politics now a days. It completely took away from the art and respect of the DJ culture. It’s like in everything else, once politics comes into play it downgrades whatever it’s involved in.

Every DJ has a pet peeve, whether its requests when you’re spinning a club gig or submissions for mixtapes and/or radio shows. What is your pet peeve and how can people avoid triggering a negative response?
One is definitely the labeling of songs from artist. I just think to myself sometimes *people CANNOT be that stupid*. You take the time to make a song, write it, record it, then you don’t even put your name on it when you release it...WTF?! Its common sense but yet I forget that’s something the newer generation seems to lack... Well, that and RESPECT!

Another one is people naming themselves after each other, Young this and Lil that. When I get a record from anybody with those stupid titles it gets deleted ASAP. In a world where everyone follows the next man YOU need to be more original or NOBODY will pay attention to you...

Looking back to when you first fell in love with our craft, what DJs would you credit as influences?
DJ Ran, Revolution, Jay-Ski, Sat-One, Funk Flex. I can go on and on but those I would have to say were the keys players in my motivation to DJ.

For anyone who doesn’t already know you are monster in the mixtape game, how many mixtapes have you dropped in 2010 and what are your personal top 5 picks from your 2010 catalog?
ALOT! I have no idea the total, but I released a lot this year! I would have to say my Best Of Baltimore House Music is one of my fav's; that new Jack Swing is another... As far as the other 3 goes, I would have to say my Members Only Vol. 2 that we did together, and...I’ll let the people pick the other 2 lol. There are too many I like for me to pick and choose...

What are your goals for 2011?
Without naming specifics; just to be better at what I do and more positive then the last.

If you could have total access to any artists across all genres of music, who would you like to do projects with – or let’s narrow that down to the top 3 artists you would like to work with?
Lady Gaga, Eminem, Joe Budden, Beanie Sigel, Peedi Crakk, L.O.X, Black Eyed Peas. I can’t name just 3 lol

From DJ to DJ, what do you see as the pros and cons of DJ Coalitions?
The good part is the music and promo if they’re on there job. The bad part is sharing a name with DeeJays that don’t do shit or create a bad name for themselves... Coalitions need to be more careful about who they co-sign bottom line.

If an artist wants to work with you on a mixtape project, what material do you need from the artist for the project itself, how can they get at you for booking you for a mixtape, and what do you want from the artist once the mixtape is released?
Good music and a budget is what IS required. We as DeeJays need to see YOU as the artist working just as hard, if not HARDER, then we do on YOUR project. Artist can send me music and info to: or can hit me on

Get connected with DJ Ykcor at:

Tune in to hear DJ Ykcor do work:
Swurv Radio every Sat. at 6pm EST
Revolt Radio Mon.-Fri. 9pm EST

DJ Ykcor is nominated for a 2011 SEA for "Best Screwed & Chopped Mixtape" for the mixtape he did with Tone Trump called "GOOD COMPANY". Go to SEA Ballot to cast your vote for DJ Ykcor.

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