Friday, December 10, 2010

Diggin in the Crates: The Headhunters "Survival of the Fittest"

And now for all the cratediggers looking for the funky breaks to chop and flip into the mix:

The Headhunters - Survival Of The Fittest

1. God Make Me Funky
2. Music
3. Here And Now
4. Daffy's Dance
5. Rima
6. If You've Got It, You'll Get It

Now here'sa brief list of artists who have ALREADY sampled from this album (I have too)

Survival of the Fittest: (Arista 1975)
* "God Made Me Funky" (Drums)
Alex Cortiz - "Room 505"
Biz Markie - "Albee Square Mall"
Common - "Pitchin' Pennies"
De la Soul - "Pease Porridge"
De la Soul - "Take it Off"
Digital Underground - "Underwater Rimes"
Downtown Science - "Down to a Science"
Dragonfly - "Angeldust"
Eric B and Rakim - "Beats for the Listeners"
Eric B and Rakim - "To the Listeners"
Fugees - "Ready or Not"
Jungle Brothers - "Braggin' and Boastin'"
King Sun - "On the Club Tip"
Low Profile - "No Mercy"
Marky Mark - "Wildside"
Mission - "Last Night"
NWA - "Approach to Danger"
Quiet Boys - "Never Change"
R.P.M. - "Food for the De-Rhythm"
Slum Village - "Go Ladies"
Slum Village - "Intro"
Steady B - "Bring the Beat Back"
Sway & King Tech - "?"
Tony D - "Check the Elevation"
UNKLE - "If You Find the Earth Boring"
UNKLE - "Sassafras"
X-Ecutioners - "The Countdown"
* "If You've Got It, You'll Get It"
Boogie Down Productions - "Ruff Ruff"
Donald D - "Another Night in the Bronx"
Professor Griff - "Jail Sale"
Think Tanks - "A Knife and a Fork"

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