Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sheek Louch jumps his Donnie G: Don Gorilla album off with the absolutely perfect beginning with “Once again back is the rhyme animal”, a sample from Public Enemy. I’m not normally a fan of intro’s but the Intro to the album is dope and rolls right into the energy of “Get It Poppin”. Sheek Louch has an aggressive vocal delivery with a hint of anger that is convincing. Leaving that clip of naked beat at the end of the song is going to cost him a grip of remixes though. “Club Jam” is dope and one of my favorites of the album. You will definitely hear me flex this in my mixes. “Out of the Ghetto” leans way too much on the synth and it buries the flavor of the entire track. The hook is fly though. “Make Some Noise” has that super old school snare/clap that makes the song feel dated, but Sheek’s wordplay is bananas. I wonder how many people recognize the sample from Prince in this record or if Prince himself hears it? I’m a fan of Sheek Louch, but this song is way too long at over 4 minutes. “Blood and Tears” is out of place or at least sounds like it should have been on somebody else’s album with Sheek appearing as a feature. Finally we get to “Nite Falls” which I’ve been talking about for a minute now. I can’t put my finger on what it is about this record that makes me just keep it spinning on replay, but its dope. “Party After Two” is definitely another favorite and bringing Jeremih on board to sing the hooks was absolute genius. Easily another highlight from the album. I had mixed feelings about “Ol Skool” right up until the point that Bun-B slides in and rides the beat like he’s literally swanging lane to lane. Once Bun-B lets it go Sheek comes in even stronger with his cadence and wordplay and I am then finally convinced we have another highlight of the album. “Picture Phone” I promise will be in my mixes across every medium I spin. This is one of my favorites of the album easy. Then “Dinner Guest” pops in and has me in a trance while I turn it up louder with each bar until my speakers are finally rattling. “Dinner Guest” is so gully…so grimy…so gutter…probably my favorite from the entire album. “Ready for War” is okay, but anything following “Dinner Guest” is going to struggle to compare. “Clip Up” is highlighted by the contrasting voices of Sheek Louch and Styles P and closes out the album on a definite high note. Once again, another absolutely dope album dropped this fourth quarter…ending 2010 with a flurry of real Hip-Hop.

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