Sunday, January 2, 2011

15th Annual JUSTOS Mixtape Award Nominations

As a Mixtape DJ, this is the ultimate honor I could hope for – to win one or more Justos Awards. The Justos embody the essence of our craft by representing for the DJs who actually have legitimate DJ skills. I complain all the time about these wack ‘DJs’ who can’t blend or mix, much less cut, scratch, transform, beat juggle, etc. They hide behind corny sound effects and hide their horrible transitions by screaming all over the music and blowing the entire flow of the mixtape. The Justos provide hope that real DJ skills are still recognized and rewarded. Please visit THE JUSTOS website and sign up for your own page, get connected with my page there, and visit the Nominations page to help me bring home the most coveted award a Mixtape DJ could possibly want.

I’m on my campaign trail and asking for nominations for six of the Justos categories:

Internet Radio Mixshow DJ of the Year:
My Unique Styles Show has been running every Saturday night on Swurv Radio (9 to 10pm EST) for nearly 2 years now. What separates my show from so many others is I actually mix from start to finish with a blend of majors and indies/unsigned artists ranging from coast to coast. I pride myself on breaking new music with the hopes of being the first DJ with the hottest records, whether it’s Hip-Hop or R&B (and occasionally twisting blends from older generations and other genres of music). I was honored with the position of Music Director at Swurv Radio in 2010 as well. Spin you URLs over to Swurv Radio on a Saturday night and hear my Unique Styles Show for yourself. Come and get ya’ Swurv on!

Dirty South Mixtape DJ of the Year: Not only do I hail from Dallas Texas; I represent for the Dirty South with my radio shows and my mixtapes. In 2010 alone I released 12 mixtapes representing the Dirty South and numerous mixtape with the Dirty South’s own artists such as Wreckamic, Eclipse, Lou Writer, Deonte, Dreak, Nice Major, etc. My goal is to expand the exposure of the Dirty South to a global audience.

Emerging Mixtape DJ of the Year: I especially love how this category is defined by the Justos as “the DJ who has been around and is emerging as the next big DJ”. I jumped into the mixtape game in 2009 and did some respectable numbers with some highlights such as my mixtapes with Keith Sweat, Atiba, and my Tapwire Magazine mixtape. In 2010 however, I burst through with a catalog of 39 mixtapes exceeding 2.5 million hits. I was nominated for an SEA for “Best R&B Mixtape of the Year”, received 3 Triple Crown awards from (featured, most viral, most downloads), and began seeing my mixtape appear on top Hip-Hop sites. 2010 was definitely a breakout year for my mixtape game and I am eager to launch into my 2K11 ART OF WAR mixtape campaign to further build upon the success of last year.

Underground Mixtape DJ of the Year: This is something I pride myself on with a passion. I love to find new talent that is on the verge of greatness and launching into projects with them to push their exposure even further. Eclipse, Epademik, Lou Writer (winner of 106 and Park Wild’n Out Wednesday), Deonte (widely known for the hooks he has done for so many other artists), Wreckamic (who landed placement on EA Sports MMA), etc. Any DJ can run a catalog of mixtapes with mainstream artists already heavy on the radio, but a real DJ breaks new artists and takes them from the underground to a level playing field with the majors.

Blends Mixtape DJ of the Year: This is often one of the first things others say separates me from so many DJs. I pride myself on digging in the crates and twisting Etta James, Ray Charles, Nirvana, Humble Pie, Marva Whitney, Led Zeppelin, the Delfonics, RL Burnside, Howlin Wolfe, etc into a mix with today’s hottest beats and blending them into one mad funky mix. Remembering the roots of our craft and DJ Kool Herc flipping a break from old disco records is still a part of our craft as DJs that I embrace.

R&B Mixtape DJ of the Year: I am nominated for this very category with the SEA’s nomination of my “Valentine’s Sex” mixtape and over the second half of 2010 I really dove into R&B mixtapes with incredible songstress Kim Joyce “TomBoy Swag”, and former Lyfe Jennings backup singer Lou Writer “Prelude 2 Love”, and Deonte “Grown Man Shit”, and of course with platinum-selling artist Donell Jones and our “Platinum Status” mixtape. I also launched the “Rated Sex” mixtape series along with my “The Sexy Truth” mixtape. One thing I learned about mixtapes is that R&B mixtapes are almost always hot downloads with a definite audience eager to get their fix of R&B.

Please visit my MIXTAPES page and pick any one of my 2010 mixtapes to hear and/or download. I'm proud of the work I've done and the artists I have worked with in 2010 and look forward to the exciting potential 2011 is already showing. I hope I can count on you for your nominations for me for the JUSTOS awards.

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