Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can You Name This Break

AS a DJ I am always diggin in the crates to find those funky breaks that no one else has ever used and are so off the map that they are rarely recognized. This is one of the DJ skills that separates the bullshit from bosses. I'll give you a hint - it is NOT Fatback Band's "Put Your Love In" although I have flipped that in a few mixtapes.

I will give a free mixtape slot to the first artist that can name the band and the song title. My bet is that no one will get it right, but we'll see. The mixtape slot will be on Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 hosted by Def Jam/We The Best's Ace Hood (mixtape drops January 28th). Post your guess at the artist and song title below in the comments. All I have to do is look at the timestamp of the comment to know who got (if anyone does).

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