Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Embassy – Toast To The DJ

The Embassy Music Board’s The 400 Lounge will drop sooner than later. For their latest cut the ATLiens link up with the Surf Club member to salute the legendary turntable maestros (from

I got two things to say on this:

1 - Many blessings to the Embassy for releasing a song that salutes the DJs without bashing on any DJs. There are quite a few artists who do songs for and/or about DJs but most have little shots at DJs laced within the lyrics. This is genuine and I love it.

2 - I wish more artists would take a minute of their hectic schedules and do the classic DJ Amthems like they used to do back in the day (i.e Run-DMC "Jam Master Jay", Skinny Boys "Rip The Cut", Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Brand New Funk", Kurtis Blow "AJ".........)

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