Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paul Wall - Politics As Usual

I’ve heard this was supposed to a 2-disc set (CD and DVD) to be released on January 25th, but I received one disc with 16 total tracks days ago. Regardless, it’s great to see Paul on a full project after doing so many cameo appearances for everyone else. Be clear, this is much more like a mixtape than it is an album with transitions and cuts that are typical with legitimate mixtapes. To be honest, this “album” is better than 75% of the ‘mixtapes’ clogging up the game now with so many wack DJs…..don’t even get me started. Once I did a little digging I found this is a mixtape (as quoted form Once I confirmed that “Politics As Usual” was actually a mixtape it gave me a different angle to listen from and I still stand by the fact that it’s better than a huge number of mixtapes in the game.

My top picks from the project: “Keep On Pushin”, of course “Dripped Out” for the classic Paul Wall flavor, “Refund” for the honestly Paul Wall laid out, “Daddy Wasn’t Home” for that “Dear Momma” Tupac vibe, and the final track “Take It There”. As far as from a DJ’s point of view, I loved the transition from “Move Slow” into “Showin Skillz”. Just hearing an actual mix along with some scratch game flexed in….that’s a win.

Call it a mixtape (as it is officially labeled according to or a street album; I don’t care. This is classic Paul Wall put together in a way a DJ will appreciate and anyone knockin it out their trunk will as well.

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