Sunday, January 16, 2011

These Are The Breaks

No one was able to identify the break I posted before so I thought I would give everyone another shot, but this time with a load of hints. The original album was recorded at The Sound Factory, Hollywood, California November-December 1974 and released by Blue Note in 1975. I'll even tell you the original album artwork is mostly blue with a touch of purple and violet.

The first artist to get the artist and song title correct (submit your guesses below via comments) will get a free slot on an upcoming mixtape - and no, you don't have to record over this break (although I can't imagine anyone not wanting to).

By the way, the break I posted previously was from Savoy Brown's "Time Does Tell" off their 1971 Parrot Records album "Street Corner Talking". Real DJ Shit - no booty.

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  1. Wow...I'm not an artist...I was checking out your site from a link from Ykcor. Nice...Donald Byrd's "We're Together" ...Real DJ Shit is right.