Monday, February 14, 2011

Nikki Grier - Soulgasm Vol. 6

You already know I've been bumpin' Nikki Grier in my mixes and put her in rotation, but now we finally have the highly anticipated "Soulgasm Vol. 6" and a sexy set of soul mixed with Hip-Hop and R&B. Valentine's Day is a genius release date for "Soulgasm Vol. 6" and you will know it the moment you hit play with the lead track "Good Love" featuring Ms Jade and produced by Soul Nana. Any doubts should be immediately washed away when "Downtown" drops in next. Nikki escalates from sexy to erotic and even gets Busta Rhymes talking about eating pussy like a "yum yum gremlin". I love the way both Nikki and Busta Rhymes blend sexy with comical, making "Downtown" one of my favorite picks from "Soulgasm Vol. 6". Of course, we're only 2 tracks deep at this point and Nikki already has me wrapped around every note she blazes. Then "I Need Some Help" rolls in and I'm buggin' at how much soul Nikki can flex with her voice. Leaving all that naked beat open at the end pretty much guarantees there will be plenty of remixes floating around soon...I actually look forward to that. "Keeper" kicks in with a familiar beat, but the flip Soul Nana chops into the production under Mistah FAB's verse is a dope touch. If you've been keeping up here then you should be familiar with the song "Broke My Heart" and the video. Definitely another dope track. Then another top pick from "Soulgasm Vol. 6" slides in with the sultry "PS I Love You". This record is so damn fly, with the Soul Nana production laced with a smooth bassline, horns, flute...everything about "PS I Love You" is just dope. As an avid music fan and a DJ it immediately had me thinking of Issaac Hayes. The production just has that classic soul flavor and Nikki's passion absolutely oozes over the beat with every note. Kemel touches the song with a short poetic piece, but I swear if Rick James were alive he would have touched this record in Kemel's place.

Now we come to what might actually be my favorite song from "Soulgasm Vol. 6" with the erotic and sensual "Scream". Nikki opens the song with the words "I wanna be face down in the bed" and takes it through some Janet Jackson meets Adina Howard kind of sexy. I love the way the production lays back and allows Nikki to command the flavor of the song with that "mess up my makeup and pull on my hair" sexy.

"Residue" is the only song that had me listening with anticipation of the next song. It's not a bad record, but something about it has a Pop feel and that turned me off. I am glad I listened all the way through on it though for the touch of rap Nikki snuck in. "If You Love Me" bounces in next and had me comparing Nikki Grier to Erykah Badu. You can hear a touch of Erykah Badu in Nikki's soulful and funky delivery throughout, but no where more than "If You Love Me". Something about "Things We Can Do" had me wishing I had the acapella. The production is cool, but I really just wanted to hear Nikki's sexy voice blazing with no interference. "You Ain't Gettin None" finishes the "Soulgasm Vol. 6" album and wraps it up with a funky Timbaland-type loop while Nikki teases her bad boy; walking around in lingerie but putting the brakes on any hopes of laying that sexy out. If you have ever seen pictures of Nikki Grier then you have to be wondering the same thing as me: who the hell brings his boys over to play video games over playing some mad 'donkey kong' with Nikki Grier?! Please believe all the homies gotta bounce when Nikki gets home from work!

Did I mention Nikki Grier is giving this Valentine's Day gift of "Soulgasm Vol. 6" away for free: Download it today and get your Valentine's sex on already. Sometime later when you come up for air, take a minute and hit Nikki on twitter @NikkiGrier and thank her for the funky time you had with her beauitful voice providing the setting for a steamy dose of sexy.

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