Friday, March 11, 2011

B Streezy - Shawty Put Ya On

Today is a big day for R&B music apparantly. Just got the new B Streezy record "Shawty Put Ya On" and definitely workin' this record in the mix.

Check out the video teaser for the single

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  1. It was a Saturday afternoon, rolling in my … top, … block
    Me and my whole crew
    That's when I first met you, and never seen so … cool
    You've been in my mind, texting me all the time
    … touch you
    I gotta get next to you
    And ever since I seen you at the mall, just looking like a superstar
    Like a diamond before my eyes, girl you had me mesmerized
    Wish I … in my flashy car, Shawty … a superstar
    Gotta seen you had it on your mind
    That's when it all turned around

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