Monday, April 11, 2011

Where is Psalm One?

I am working on an in-depth piece about female rappers and the oddities in Hip-Hop that restrict female artists, but included in the piece is a reference I made to one of the illest female rappers I have ever heard. I was an immediate fan of Psalm One from the moment I first heard “Beat The Drum”. It seemed to me that she just disappeared after that though and I made reference to that. Peep the record “Beat The Drum” from her 2006 album “Death of a Frequent Flyer” and tell me she doesn’t get it in!

Psalm One really needs better PR staff and she should open up to DJs with drops, interviews, etc. I have reached out to her as direct as possible through all of her social media sites and spoke directly with representatives from the Rhymesayers offices, but even her own label reps said that she is not accessible. That is a whole different topic, but back to the statement I made about Psalm One “all but disappearing”. I googled her up to see what she’s doing and she is still active with touring and according to sources, is expected to release another album this year. Check out this video collage of her European tour over the record “Better Than The Last

You can get more familiar with Psalm One via her official website where she has free music available for download (including her last release “Woman at Work Vol III”, released on August 4 2010) along with her bio and updates/news. As for my complaining about her being inaccessible, there is contact information posted on her site so I will again try to reach out for material and see if things have changed within Psalm One’s camp.

Let me leave you with this gem “Top Bottom” from her “Woman at Work Vol III” album. I think she touches on some of the discussion from the in-depth piece regarding female rappers (look for that to come out next week)

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