Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is what a REAL DJ sounds like

Da’ Hitman is on that Real DJ Shit again with another blend of Hip-Hop and R&B featuring music from both indies and majors.

Hitman 4 Hire 2 by dahitman

01 Teleoso - Paris Hilton
02 Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean - OTTR
03 Tennille - Special Erbs
04 Boss Hogg Outlawz - Get High
05 Teleoso - Tell Me How It Feel
06 The Weeknd - High For This
07 Jay Rock ft Chris Brown - Westside
08 Shaun Boothe ft STS - 123
09 Kanye West and Jay-Z - Gotta Have It
10 Chris Brown ft Berner Wiz Khalifa & Big KRIT - Yoko
11 Eclipse - I'm Scopin
12 Chalie Boy Featuring Beat King - Bust It
13 David Banner - Swag
14 Bow Wow ft Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz - I’ma Stunt
15 Young Jeezy - Rough

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