Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crate Digga's Vol 1 and Unique Styles team up to deliver the first of a new compilation series titled "Crate Digga's" geared towards producers looking for new samples and DJs looking for classic breaks. This collection was compiled by Da' Hitman, including the comments for each track. No mix, no added sound effects, no DJ tags - strictly the breaks and songs (38 total tracks) to allow producers and DJs to utilize the compilation as needed. "Crate Digga's Vol 1" is free and available exclusively at

Accadde A - Accadde A Bali (I like the flute when it jumps in over that bassline. I left the entire track because of the different cymbal hits throughout)
Amon Duul - Kismet (I’ve heard this flipped before, but its still dope)
Bernard Wystraete - Daydream (Again with the flutes lol I like the horn stabs at the transitions too)
Brother Jack Mcduff - Electric Surfboard Bassline and Horn Riffs (I clipped it to just the bassline and horn riffs)
Chapeau - Botte de Cuire Break (The wah guitar is ill and the horn stabs are dope. When it hits 34 seconds the beat fills up nice)
Churchill - Here We Are (I’ll be using the horns from the intro for transitions I’m sure. Love the bassline and when the horns come in…dope)
Ferrante & Teicher - Lady Love (I like the acoustic guitar and the muted trumpet. Lot of dope bits in this one)
Francois De Roubaix - Les Dunes Dostende (Skip through to the 37 second mark and the twist is dope)
Gary Pacific Orchestra - Soft Wind (Almost didn’t include this one but I thought someone might want to flip it)
Golden Music Orchestra - African Honeymoon (I love percussion so the congas and horns together caught me. I like the vocal riffs too – not so much the animal sounds though lol)
Hardy's Jet Band - Selected Sound (I thought someone might want the bass guitar stabs. This one is pretty basic but nice. The breakbeat 40 seconds is engineered just right)
Head West - Attention (When the beat trips in with the dude screamin “OH!”…fly shit)
Hysear Don Walker - Children of the Night Break with Bassline (I like the bassline but the congas are too low)

Ian Carr - Roots (Perfect for a transition, especially for a movie score)
Jack Arel - Psychedelic Portrait (I swear this sounds like something Cypress Hill should have ripped! I love this one for a story-telling rhyme)
JJ Johnson - Pull Jabal Pull (The beginning bored the shit outta me, but 12 seconds in I was going nuts!)
Johnny Harris - Light My Fire (I’ve already had a producer flip this one and he absolutely murdered it! I’ll send it to you if you want it. Chill Rob G is recording to it for me)
Kerrie Biddell - In Necessity (Her voice is fuckin dope! I really want to find a way to work this in my mixes)
Lafayette Afro-Rock Band - Darkest Light (You will immediately recognize this from Public Enemy. Dope)
Les Mcann - Go On and Cry (I really like the vibe of this one. Another one of my favorites from this batch)
Louis Clark - Brute Part 1 and 2 (For anyone looking for instrument pieces they can sample-they will love this one. The strings are dope)
Maleditus Sound - Kriminal Theme (Almost didn’t include this one too, but maybe someone might dig it. The horns are nice and the snare hits like a mu’fucka. Song gets really strange at the 1:30 mark lol)
Michel Gonet - Flower Dance (You’re going to recognize this one immediately, but it’s still dope. I think NAS ripped this best)
Monk Higgins - Railroad Snippet (This one is fuckin sick immediately!)
Nick Ingman - Under Pressure (You’ll recognize this one immediately for Slim Thug’s rip, but the whole damn thing is dope)
Oliver Sain - On The Hill (I like the drums – reminds me of Rakim’s Mahongony flip of Al Green’s classic, but the horns on this one have a real Odd Couple vibe)
Parry Music - The Climb (This one is dope right away and screams for some WuTang flava)
Passport - Puzzle (skit) (Very basic but somebody might find some use for it – one of my least favorites in this batch)
Ronald Stein - Go Home Pigs (You’re going to immediately recognize this one from Dr Dre, but I still kept it in the batch)
S.S.O - Faded Lady (skit) (Another one you’re going to recognize right away)
Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour un Con (I like the Timbaland type vibe of the beat and the percussion. Hard to sit through that foreign language singing though lol break at 2:13 is nice and open)
Sound Studio Orchestra - Southbound (Sounds like an old Too Short bassline. I love the horns again. I really like the way they build up and layer. Snatch the bars at 46 seconds and loop em - dope)
Sun - Time is Passing (Piano is very nice. Really liked the piano, but hang on for the beat to drop in 25 seconds and think Erykah Badu or Mary J Blige)
Syrius - Devils Masquerade Break (I will definitely be using this as a transition. Classic breakbeat with the cymbals riding)
The Bubble Gum Machine - I Wonder (You’ll recognize this one right away too, but couldn’t leave it off the batch. Who’s the Black Sheep!)
The Phoenix Authority - Come Together (That “shooooop” shit is dope and I love that this is a jazzy instrumental to the classic)
Wet Willie - The Beggar's Song (I like the opening vocals. Beat is ok but the melody is catchy as hell)

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