Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Album Review: Bobby V "Vitamin V"

I don't normally do reviews for mixtapes but Bobby V's new "Vitamin V" project isn't what I would consider a mixtape. DJ Holiday didn't attempt any sort of mix or blends, he's just hollaring all over the music and throwing in tags and sweeps for transitions. This would have definitely been better without that since all that crap just gets in the way for other DJs who would like to spin the tracks. I would be interested to hear from Bobby V on how Holiday's presence is a benefit to the project, but this isn't about that; this is about a dope collection of music from one of R&B's best talents. Bobby V's "Vitamin V" is a must have for every R&B fan and to be honest, anyone planning to have any sex at any time over the next 365 days - this is your soundtrack to a great night of romance and/or straight f*ckin!

Normally I skip right passed intros and over skits and cut out before an outro, but I dig the intro for "Vitamin V". It's just smooth and offers a great prelude to the overall vibe of the project. The "Drop It" (featuring Meek Mill and 2 Chainz) record has been floating around for a minute now and is a solid single for Bobby V. Then you get to one of my favorites from the project with the record "Cum Baby" featuring Terrace Martin. Holiday was pissing me off with the sound effects and fuckin up the beginning of the record, but if you can ignore that, this record is damn sexy. I really like the minimalist approach to the production with the raw beat and triangles and that breakdown with the reverb snare hit at the 2:06 mark is a dope touch. It keeps going with the next record "When I'm Up In It" which is really about Bobby V stroking a woman's mind. It's a nice record, but the heat really rolls in with "Hammer Time".

"Hammer Time" is without a doubt one of the best tracks from the project. Again the produciton is minimalistic and allows Bobby V to carry the track with his vocals. I like the light piano and harp touches. "Hammer Time" is a soundtrack for sex...there is no other way to say it. It still shocks me to hear R&B singers sing the word "fuck" (around the 3 minute mark), but I think it gives the song an edge that I like. "Naked" is next on the tracklisting which is great if you're still sexin...no need to skip ahead, "Naked" is a hot record too. "Stilletos & Toes" is okay, but not one of my top picks. I really didn't like the vocal effects and the pulsing synth hits made the song a little too busy. I'm on the fence with "KIT". I liked it once the singing kicked in, but the half-rappin' Drake approach is not something I want to hear anymore. Drake has worn that out.

"NIght Rider" gets the project back on track as a favorite of mine even though the engine rev effects is a little cheesy. I wanted to hate on the Bill Jabr bars, but I think the verse fits well and gives the song more depth and substance. Without that verse the song would have to be chopped significantly. My favorite part of "3 AM" is the breakdown around the 2:19 mark. I will probably be chopping that piece into my mixes with a dope breakbeat under it. I like "5 Star" and I'm guessing a lot of women would adopt it as a theme song if they heard it. I think if Bobby V were to remix it at a higher BPM with a little more energy "5 Star" could have single potential. "That Girl" sounds like a throwback to old 80's groups like Ready for the World or something like that. Not feeling this record. It comes across as corny and something a major label would try to convince an artist to run with. I swear it sounds like the old Ready for the World song "Love You Down" (google it and tell me I'm wrong). "Blu Kolla Anthem" just has that outro vibe and I guess it works good as the close of the project.

Overall I really like "Vitamin V" and think Bobby V has delivered with some of the best R&B of the fourth quarter if not the year. If you can get passed Holiday trying to jam up the sexy flava of the project you'll have an excellent tool for that romantic shit you want to put down on your woman. Now I have to try to talk Bobby V into providing a "No-DJ" version of all the tracks.

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