Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is one of those events that EVERY SINGLE ARTIST SHOULD ATTEND! Not just be there, but be prepared. Where and when else could an artist have access to over 900 DJs?! My Core DJ family gets it in like no one else (radio/clubs/mixtapes/touring/tv) but you get access to not only my Core DJ family, but ALL DJs. If you're an artist or work in marketing/brand promotions or you're in artist management/PR - this is your best opportunity to effectively reach into a massive gathering of DJs to drive exposure to your music/product. 900 DJs in one place at one time.

My tips for artists: start preparing now. Make sure you have merchandise (tee shirts, posters, CDs, stickers, etc), but step your game up and get some quality material. The last thing you want to do is hand 900 DJs a CDR with Sharpie writing scrawled on it. Get units pressed professionally (visit for great quality and good prices or to just compare to others). As a DJ, I don't personally want to walk around with a huge stack of CDs all day so I prefer artists give me flash drives on a lanyard. Check out to consider getting custom flash drives made with your name and logo. Everybody loves free tee-shirts and what better way to promote yourself than on the backs of 900 DJs?! Don't get that cheap and crappy press on/iron on garbage. Step your game up and get quality screenprinted tees made. They're not as expensive as you might think and they last forever. Personally I use for all of my tees. Their prices are excellent, turnaround time is fantastic, and the quality is second to none. You can visit to compare to a local screenprint shop in your area.

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#MIXSHOWLIVE (The CDJsR16), DALLAS, TX!!!! May 4th-7th, 2012, Dallas Renaissance Hotel (Downtown Dallas)

Call 877-333-9940 x2 for details. Over 900 DJ's from across the globe (over 300 already on hold for registration) & also stations from around the country broadcasting LIVE from the DFW!

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