Monday, September 10, 2012

Legendary Fritz "Elephant In The Room"

My brethren Legendary Fritz Floyd hit me with the visual for his new record "Elephant in the Room" and brought me back to where I started. Some of the video scenes are shot in the new 89.3FM KNON studios (my first radio days were with KNON and EZ Eddie D). Some of the video scenes are shot in and on top of the Southside at Lamar building in Dallas...I've had a ton of conversations in front of that same door (which happens to be right across from the men's bathroom and just down the hall from the side door to the Absinthe Lounge). Aside of the nostalgia it brings to me, the vid is dope but MORE importantly, the lyrical message Fritz is dropping...priceless.

Get familiar with Legendary Fritz and get connected with him on twitter @FritzFloyd101

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