Monday, September 10, 2012

Soul Sisters, Stand Up!

I love to think of myself as a DJ who represents our craft as it should be...with an actual mix/blend and some crate digging for those special surprises that no other DJ delivers. With that said, I respect our craft to the fullest and love to hear other DJs get it in and when I need some inspiration I can always count on Skratch Bastid to humble me with his incredible skills and crate diggin. He teamed up with The Gaff on a project he says took 2 years to assemble and delivered an "OPUS" type project with "SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP!". The project was released back in July, but proves to be a timeless piece of work that I come back to all the time for inspiration. If you're a DJ who respects our craft you will love this with absolutely no doubt. If you're a fan of real Hip-Hop from the hands of real DJs you will love this with absolutely no doubt. If you're a fan of music're going to love this. Shit, your Mama will DEFINITELY love this!

From Skratch Bastid's website: "Well, here it is. Soul Sisters, Stand Up! is our long awaited, brand new 80-minute mix filled with 100% Female Funk/Soul/R&B/Breaks. 2 DJs. 2 years in the making. Featuring the sounds of soulful ladies from the mid-60s & mid-70s – a snapshot of love, pain, happiness, oppression, strength, struggle and more from an era where records were the primary outlet for these voices. These messages are driven home by the beats and grooves from what is undeniably the funkiest decade in music history. From Freda, Aretha, Nina & Diana to Betty Everett, Lavette & Davis, we take you on a journey to a mindset, using tunes both classic and criminally overlooked to tell the story. Mixed together in classic mixtape fashion… you know, with mixing.

This is probably the mixtape that I’ve worked the longest on, ever. Gaff and I spent countless hours figuring out just how to give you the goods, and here it is. Recommended to be bumped on a nice system with bass, but that goes without saying.

There are so many highlights from this mix that I won't even try to list em, but this is probably the dopest mix I've heard in a while. The transitions are bananas, the turntable skills are dope, the blends are so clean...this is a training lesson for all DJs. The ultimate homework assignment for all DJs, courtesy of Skratch Bastid and The Gaff. If you're like me and want to know the original album that was used for the ill sample used in the classic "Strong Island" record from the golden era (for example) or maybe the huge Wu-Tang "CREAM" classic, you can find the tracklisting over at Skratch Bastid's Mixcloud page

Get familiar and get connected with Skratch Bastid and The Gaff:

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