Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thelonious Martin MCMXCII BeatTape

So I'm chillin at 2am on a Wednesday night and come across this Thelonious Martin MCMXCII BeatTape and immediately fire up the mix to juggle out some chops over these ill beats. Why Thelonious Martin decided to release this gem for free is a gift I refuse to question, but please believe it is slam full of just dope. Take a listen for yourself and if you dig it like I do, download it for free - courtesy of Thelonious Martin. Fair warning: you will be hearing a lot of these beats juggled into my mixes and don't be surprised when you hear I have enlisted some dope lyrical talents to flex their bars into the twist.

Get familiar with Thelonious Martin and get connected with him on twitter @KingThelonious

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