Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diggin In The Crates: Dynamic Five "Love Is The Key"

Dynamic Five's "Love Is The Key" album is one of those rare gems that I have never shared - mostly due to it's rarity. I've seen the LP sell for more than $3,000 to collectors, but that's not the true value to me as a DJ and crate digga. The treasure is the collection of dope soul and R&B for my mixes. Not only twisting chops into mixes, but slicing it apart to reassemble as a brand new funk. What kind of DJ and Crate Digga would I be if I didn't share this one? You can start literally with the first sounds the needle sings when that run kicks off the lead track "Lovers Lullabye". Absolutely dope for a transition.

"Skyboat" jumps off with sample-worthy material too, but the sound has been used so heavily that I steer away from it. Slip to the 1:54 mark of "To Get To Heaven" and you'll find one of my favorite slices. Definitely a dope piece to use as a DJ and/or producer. One of my favorite chops from the entire album though; "Beautiful Lady". When you lay a big ass 808 kick under there and slide the pitch down...insane. I've been tinkering with it for a while to pitch to my MoTre family for a remake/remix, but I'm not supposed to leak any info on that project so...nevermind that. Click play below to hear the original for yourself, then let your imagination wander on the possibilities.

"Supreme Being" is THE record though. Think Lauryn Hill and Busta Rhymes when you hear it and you'll get an idea of the magic potential of this record. Phenomenal.

"Love Is The Key" has potential as well for any crate diggin' producer ready to twist it up.

The rarity of this album goes beyond it's value to vinyl collectors. This is one of those albums every producer and DJ wants in the arsenal to drop on the head of any competitor: full of dope shit to twist into any blend and hard to find (which eliminates the copy-cat bastards that don't put in the work to find unique styles...I digress). Anyway, with all that said - I won't provide a direct download link for the full album, but you should visit if you were looking for such an opportunity. You're welcome crate digga's!

Diggin In The Crates: Lloyd Price "Music Music"

Lloyd Price "Music-Music" album (LPG Records 1976) jumps off with that immediate "OH SHIT!" reaction with the leadoff track "What Did You Do With My Love" opening bars. Loop that beginning 4 bar piece and burn one. That shit is fuckin dope...literally. The "Music Music" track starts off with some potential but I was on the fence with chopping that opening blast...slide over the 1:20 mark and you'll hear my favorite piece of the record and yes, you will hear that chopped up into my upcoming...wait, not sharing any details about that project yet. Anyway, Lloyd Price has some gems for the crate digga's. "Love Music" has even more heat (skip to the 1:02 mark) for those ready to chop and loop. The biggest reason I ever copped this album was sitting and listening to another producer chop up the track "Uphill Piece Of Mind" which as it is - it's kind of funky...but hearing a seasoned producer work it over was a lesson for me in the craft. I'm a DJ but I dabble in production...watching him twist this record into absolute magic...humbling to say the least. If I had to pick one Lloyd Price track from this album to hand to producers in a beat battle it would definitely be "Uphill Piece of Mind" since it has so many elements available to the producer. Of course the final track "N'sele" would work just as well. Especially since it's an instrumental track.

Hit play on this and peep that opening segment of "What Did You Do With My Love"...dope ain't it.

Click here to download the full album

Diggin In The Crates: The Younghearts "Do You Have The Time"

The title track "Do You Have The Time" jumps off with a dope bassline just laying there butt naked waiting for me to swoop in a sample the shit out of it with another raw break later in the song that is similar but with a little more energy. I saw that it was sampled back in 1989 by Ace & Action ("Together"), but that's not enough to deter me from twisting it myself. Then when you flip the wax over and drop the needle on the SKATT version of "Do You Have The Time"...loaded with jewels. "Me & You" has some dope bars that I've been tinkering with too. If you got any sample chops at all you can hear the breaks I'm fuckin' with, although some of the loops I'm chopping are only 2 bar measures. The Younghearts have another album ("We're All God's Children" - 1974) that I've chopped up before.

Click here to download the complete album, courtesy of

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wreck A Mic "Return Of The Grizzly"

Core DJ Da' Hitman returns to team up with Wreck A Mic once again for Wreck's new mixtape "Return Of The Grizzly" to follow up on the "Grizzly Bear Adams" mixtape. "Return Of The Grizzly" truly illustrates why Wreck A Mic can call himself 'DaVinci with the bars' with his lyrical acrobatics and versatile cadence and flow over each track. "Return Of The Grizzly" also allows Da' Hitman to flex not just his skills as a DJ, but also his love for crate-diggin' with twists and chops from all over the musical map. A true emcee and a real DJ teaming up to roll out a mixtape with an actual mix...a rare treat in today's theater of Hip-Hop.

DJs: Wreck A Mic has no-DJ versions of each track available upon request and can provide full DJ Service Packs for the majority of the records as well. You can reach Wreck A Mic on twitter @WRECKAMIC or over on his website

01 Indian Sample Flow (Prod. by Big Tra)

Chops include Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Lil Jon, Billy Butler “I’ve Got a Feeling”, Cypress Hill, Rick Ross, Boogie Down Productions, Lee Dorsey “Everything I Do Gon Be Funky”, Cambatta, Claudia Lennear “Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky” over Mountain’s classic “Long Road” break, Terrance Blanchard trumpet, and my favorite Keith Sweat drum fill

02 Road To Fame ft Corry Pertile (Prod. by Big Tra)
03 Where I’m Comin’ From (Prod. by The Necksnappers)
04 iWreck (Prod. by Big Tra)

Chops include Travis Porter, Z-3MCs, Omarion, Kevie Kev (Waterbed Kev) “All Night Long”

05 In Love With Hip-Hop (Prod. by Arkutec)

Chops Include Stetsasonic, Malcolm McLaren, Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Just Ice

06 Crazy (Prod. by Arkutec)
07 ADHD (Prod. by Arkutec)
08 Do You Understand (Prod. by Enrichment)
09 Solo (Prod. by Jeezy)

Chops include Trina, Jyst, Big Boi, Cambatta, Run DMC

10 Me I Get It In (Prod. by Beat Flippaz)

Chops include Natural Four “Come On Baby”, Rose Royce, Kid Ink “Fresh”, with a little help from Billy Blue

11 Pressure ft Knesecary (Prod. by The Necksnappers)
12 Thank You (Prod. by Enrichment)

Chops from Ultramagnetic MCs and Travis Porter

13 Change (Prod. by Enrichment)
14 Better Way (Prod. by Izzy)
15 Good Chance (Prod. by Enrichment)

Chops include DMX, Kevin Black, X-Clan, Trina “Hell Yeah” (screwed way down)

16 Life or Death (Prod. by Big Tra)
17 Put It In Ya Frame ft Corry Pertile (Prod. by Big Tra)

Chops include BDP, Hopsin, Method Man, and Scott la Rock

18 Drug Music 2 ft Whitefolkz and Chris Reg (Prod. by Nomadiq)

Chops include Chubb Rock, Biz Markie, Kevin Black

19 Till I Can’t Grind No Mo (Prod . by Big Tra)

The Players:
@ChrisReg & @Whitefolkz on "Drug Music 2"
@Knesecary83 on "Pressure"
@CorryPertile on "Put It In Ya Frame" & "Road To Fame"
@MashMUSIC and @YungTexxus254 on "Me I Get It In"

@Brian_Keith "Jeezy" of EP Productions
@Nomadiq (Drug Music 2)

Mediafire link to listen/download
ThatCrack link to listen/download
MixtapePass link to listen/download
Coast2CoastMixtapes link to listen/download
MidwestMixtapes link to listen/download
MixtapePage link to listen/download
MixtapeFactory link to listen/download
MixConnect link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download

Come and celebrate the release of "Return Of The Grizzly" with all the players and musical guests Dewun Music and Renzo (of Street Hop)

When: Friday December 14,2012
Where: Blue Moon (2305 S State HWY121 Lewisville TX 75067)


Friday, November 23, 2012

Claudia Lennear "Phew!" (1973)

I got my hands on Claudia Lennear's "Phew!" album from 1973, but left it sitting in the crates for a long time before I finally took it out and dug through it (thanks to my Knicks getting their asses handed to 'em by Houston). The first side is a failure with absolutely nothing for me to use, but then I flip it to side 2 and go bananas! I will definitely be twisiting in chops from at least these 4 songs:

From A Whisper To A Scream
Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
What'd I Do Wrong
Goin Down (Reprise)

When I heard "From a Whipser to a Scream" I immediately thought it would be a great song for Erykah Badu to cover with her own unique styles. Same sort of flava with that gritty soul and emotion...I think Badu would blaze this record.

I've used Lou Donaldson's version of "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky" in a handful of my mixtapes before, but now I HAVE TO chop Claudia's version in too.

Once I heard the funk and soul of her voice I hit google to learn a little more about Claudia who was once an Ikette behind Ike and Tina Turner. She was also the inspiration behind the Rolling Stones hit "Brown Suger" (1971) and David Bowie's "Lady Grinning Soul" (1973). After checking both of those records I will most likely be twisting elements of both into a mix at some point too. My favorite highlight is the fact that she was in Playboy - that's a bonus (see below)

Side 1 was produced by Ian Samwell, but with nothing for me to work with at all. Side 2 was produced entirely by Allen Toussaint with a whole new group of musicians and a brand new funk compared to side 1. Warner Brothers blew it with the labeling and should have flipped side 1 and side 2. Even more so with the fact they never rolled another album behind Claudia Lennear. Regardless, keep an ear open for Claudia Lennear chops twisted into my mixes.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slap That Mix Vol 12

Core DJ Da' Hitman returns from a long hiatus while on the grind to deliver a new episode of his Slap That Mix mixtape series with Volume 12, featuring music from indies and majors ranging from coast to coast. Da' Hitman provides a look behind the scenes and provides details on some of ingredients in the mix this time around, revealing the depths he goes when twisting a mixtape and the imagination behind his Unique Styles.

01 Da’ Hitman - Jumpoff

Chops include: Kashmere Stage Band’s “Thunder Soul”, Run DMC (Peter Piper), NWA, Travis Porter, Just Ice, Kanye West, Mountain (Long Red), Art of Noise (Beat Box), Jeremih, Dazz Band (Joystick), Lynn Collins (Think), Sly and The Family Stone (Sing a Simple Song), drum fills from Fancy (Feel Good), and a drum fill from Led Zeppelin (Moby Dick), Midnight Star (Curious), Zapp and Roger (So Rough So Tough), Marva Whitney (Unwind Yourself), Sly Johnson (Different Strokes). Final touch is Anita Baker’s “Angel” looped up over Kendrick Lamar’s “Backstreet Freestyle” break

02 Kendrick Lamar - Backstreet Freestyle

Listen close for the twist of Al B Sure’s “Naturally Mine” in the transition to Folkz with a little help from Rick Ross

03 Folkz - Renee Zellweger
04 Da’ Hitman - Best DJ

Shyne’s “BG” beat rides out of Folkz with a grip of chops from Big Daddy Kane, NVS, Dorrough, etc leading into Main Ingredient’s “Summer Breeze” underneath classic Run DMC chops from “Jam Master Jay”

05 SCOE - They Ain’t Ready
06 T Pain ft Skye - Down There
07 Da’ Hitman - Lessons in Crate Diggin

Eddie Bo “Lover and a Friend” break underneath Gerald Walker Organs/Horns from “Live It Up” and a piano hit from “WAL” with chops from Stevie Wonder, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Ultramagnetic MCs, LL Cool J…the flutes and the congo are from Baby Huey records and the classic Isaac Hayes piano is from “Ikes Mood Part 1”. Breaks away with Audio Two over an old UMC’s beat

08 T Pain ft Mr Fab, Krizz Kaliko, and Tech N9ne - Blapper
09 Poo Bear – Alone
10 AK Prime – I Be (Throwin It Back)
11 Phyzikal - Real Niggaz Get Money
12 Billy Blue ft Plies - You Gone Make It
13 Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre -The Recipe
14 Kingpen Slim ft No Malice & Lamar Starzz - My Specialty

Had to add the Run DMC “My” from “My Adidas” to fill in the gaps – jut sounded like it belonged there the whole time. I got to play with the Lex Luger drum kits and you can really hear em in the mix between “My Specialty” and “Don’t You Quit”, but they’re all over the place in this mixtape.

15 T Pain - Don’t You Quit
16 Kendrick Lamar ft Drake - Poetic Justice
17 Machine Gun Kelly ft Bun B and Dubo - What I Do
18 JS - Dreamin
19 Da’ Hitman - The DJ’s Interlude

Chops include: Kashmere Stage Band, The Meters (Just Kissed My Baby), Chris Brown (Till I Die), Phantom of the Opera (Think of Me), King Curtis (The Weight), Tyler Woods, Kevin Black, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Biz Markie, Lynn Collins, James Brown (Give It Up or Turn It Loose), Howlin Wolf, Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit and The Man Who Sold The World), Herman Kelly “Dance to the Drummers Beat). Last chop is from the Z-3 MCs “Triple Threat”

20 Bobby V ft K Michelle - Put It In

*All sweeps and Tags produced by the talented DJ Bryant D (@djbryantd)

02 @KendrickLamar
05 @RoscoeDPG
06 @TPAIN ft @SkyeTunes
08 @TPAIN ft @MistahFAB @KrizzKaliko and @TechN9ne
09 @PooBearMDMA thanks to @IAMTONYNEAL
10 @AKPrime
11 @PHYZIKAL thanks to @MsSuns1ine
12 @BILLYBLUE305 ft @plies
13 @KendrickLamar ft @drdre
14 @kingpenslim ft @NoMalice757 & @LamarStarzz thanks to @DJJBUTTAH
16 @KendrickLamar ft @Drake
17 @machinegunkelly ft @BunBTrillOG and Dubo
18 @JS_Vinnd33z thanks to @DJTommyGunzNJ
20 @BobbyV ft @kmichelle

Mediafire link to complete mixtape package link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download (tracks 6 and 7 are out of order) link to listen/download link to listen/download link to listen/download


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rittz "Paradise" Video ft Nikkiya

Rittz supplies the visuals for the hella smooth "Paradise" record featuring the songstress Nikkiya. I sincerely suggest you turn this one up and just lay back

Get familiar with Rittz and get connected with him on twitter @therealRITTZ. When you hit him up, remind him that he still needs to send a drop for @DAHITMAN dammit!

Rittz - Paradise (feat. Nikkiya) prod by Dj Burn One (@therealRITTZ) (@Nikkiya) (@DJBURNONE)

DP: Trevor Metscher

Thelonious Martin MCMXCII BeatTape

So I'm chillin at 2am on a Wednesday night and come across this Thelonious Martin MCMXCII BeatTape and immediately fire up the mix to juggle out some chops over these ill beats. Why Thelonious Martin decided to release this gem for free is a gift I refuse to question, but please believe it is slam full of just dope. Take a listen for yourself and if you dig it like I do, download it for free - courtesy of Thelonious Martin. Fair warning: you will be hearing a lot of these beats juggled into my mixes and don't be surprised when you hear I have enlisted some dope lyrical talents to flex their bars into the twist.

Get familiar with Thelonious Martin and get connected with him on twitter @KingThelonious

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kanye West "Cruel Summer" Review

I've been meaning to sit down and actually write out my review of Kanye's new "Cruel Summer" album for two weeks, but late as I may be, here's my .02 cents on the album.

The "Cruel Summer" album jumps off with the R Kelly colab and the big song "To The World".  Considering Kanye's relationship with the media (and R Kelly's for that matter) this song is a great jumpoff with the message.  R Kelly sounds great and I like the use of the various kick drums, but I hate that distorted snare hit.  A side note: I'm really noticing Kanye not completing simple one syllable words like "tax" or "back" more and more frequently and instead saying "ta" and Ba".  That shit has always irritated me with rappers.  Next up is "Clique" and I'm bananas about this record.  I love the bassline and the repetitive vocal sample and everyone rides the beat perfectly.  Of course it always helps to include Jay-Z and Big Sean on any record.  I've been banging this record heavy for a minute and will continue to run it in my mixes - easily one of my favorites from the album.  "Clique" contains samples form James Brown's "Funky President" (if anyone is interested).  "Mercy" is dope, but it's been played so damn much since April that I'm done with it.  Ignoring that fact though, "Mercy" is obviously a hit from the record.  For the crate diggas: "Mercy" contains samples from the recording "Dust a Sound Boy" by Super Beagle; samples from the recording "Cu-Oonuh" by Reggie Stepper; and samples from the recording "Lambo" by YB.  Although it's not credited, there is also a sample from the movie Scarface ("Tony's Theme" by Giorgio Moroder).  "New God Flow" with Pusha T and Ghostface Killah is ok, but that Melvin Bliss "Synthetic Substitution" breakbeat has been used so much that it's disappointing to hear Kanye run with it (considering his albums are usually a lesson in crate digging).  "New God Flow" contains samples of the recording "Synthetic Substitution" by Melvin Bliss; samples of the recording "Mighty Healthy" (a capella) by Ghostface Killah; samples from the G.I. Townsend recording "Sermon Fragment"; James Brown's "Funky President", and samples from "BĂ´das De Sangue" by Marcos Valle.  "The Morning"  with Raekwon, Pusha T, Common, 2 Chainz, Cyhi the Prynce, Kid Cudi and D'banj is definitely another favorite of mine.  I'm not a big fan of the singing breaks, but the beat behind each verse is dope as hell.  I have to give props to Ye for assembling that unique lineup of talent to run this track too. Definitely dope.  For the crate diggas:  "The Morning" contains elements of "Get Me to the Church on Time", written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe.  There's also a faint sample of James Brown looped up in the bars.  "Cold" dropped back in April so I'm worn out with this one too, but have to admit it's a dope record (even though I can't stand to hear Khaled screaming all over a track-thankfully he kept it to a minimum).  "Cold" contains interpolations of "Illegal Search", written by James T. Smith and Marlon L. Williams.  "Higher" is most definitely one of my favorites from the entire album.  Kanye rides out with The Dream, Pusha T, Mase and Cocaine 80s, but Mase is surprisingly the weak link in the lineup.  I love the arrangement of the track and the use of the wood for the snare and the way the snare and kick roll out in the fills.  Definitely dope production.  "Sin City" with that distorted bass drum...either you love it or hate in between on that.  Kanye brings in John Legend, Travis Scott, Teyana Taylor, Cyhi the Prynce and Malik Yusef for the record so I had big expectations, but I have to say "Sin City" is a big let down.  "The One" follows the same footsteps and is a letdown for me.  Ye brings in Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Marsha Ambrosius which I had high hopes for (minus 2 Chainz).  I think Marsha Ambrosius and Kanye should slip in the studio and work out a single with just the two of them at their best.   "The One" contains credited samples of the recording "Double Barrel" by Dave and Ansell Collins which I think most people will associate with DJ Jazzy Jeff who was the first I heard use the sample and Special Ed who built a song around the famous "I am the magnificent" sample.  There are also uncredited samples of Public Enemy's  "Public Enemy No. 1" and Kanye and Jay-Z's own "Niggas in Paris".  "Creepers" with Kid Cudi....trash. I have no idea why this record is part of the album, but it's garbage all the way around.  Hooks - suck, verses - suck, production - suck...this song is absolute trash to the point of being laughable.  "Bliss" with John Legend and Teyana Taylor is a step above the trash of "Creepers" but still garbage.  The song reminds me of the tryout at the Roxy in the classic movie "Beat Street" when the punk rocker comes out and has dude looking like "What the fuck? Why did you bring this trash to the tryouts?". If you get an opportunity to record with John Legend and Teyana Taylor then you have the opportunity to create an absolute timeless classic, but instead Kanye blows it.  Big letdown.  "Don't Like" wraps up the album and thankfully ends on a high note with Kanye West rockin with Chief Keef, Pusha T, Big Sean and Jadakiss.  You can be sure you'll hear samples of this flipped into hooks in the near future since so much is left naked in acapella.  For the crate diggas:  "Don't Like" contains samples from the G.I. Townsend recording "Sermon Fragment" and interpolations of "Under Mi Sensi", written by Barrington Levy and Paul Love.

Overall, this album falls short of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" that Ye and Jay-Z blessed us with, but still delivers some dope records with "Higher", "Mercy", "Clique", "The Morning", "Cold" and "Don't Like".  Kanye has some dope feature artists involved and had me setting my hope high, but often the feature artists either don't deliver or are paired together over production that just blows ass.  I would recommend the album, but don't think it will rank in my top 10 for the year.

Hall & Oates Collection

For those who like to dig in the crates, I stumbled across this list of album downloads for the classic blue-eyed soul of Hall & Oates.  I've slipped a few chops in from them before on previous mixtapes and you can be sure you'll hear more breaks and chops in future mixes.


1972: Whole Oats
1973: Abandoned Luncheonette
1974: War Babies
1975: Daryl Hall & John Oates
1976: Bigger Than Both Of Us
1977: Beauty On A Back Street
1978: Along The Red Ledge
1978: Livetime
1979: X-Static
1980: Voices
1981: Private Eyes
1982: H2O
1983: Greatest Hits
1984: Big Bam Boom
1988: Ooh Yeah!
1990: Change Of Season
1990: Rock 'N' Soul Part 1, Greatest Hits
1997: Marigold Sky
2001: The Ballads Collection
2001: The Very Best Of Daryl Hall & John Oates
2003: Do It For Love
2004: Our Kind Of Soul
2006: Home For Christmas
2008: Essential Collection

Hall and Oates has been sampled from everyone ranging from UGK to Jagged Edge, Donnell Jones to Soulja Boy, 9th Wonder to Kanye West, LL Cool J to Lil Wayne, Mobb Deep to 2 Live Crew, De La Soul and Public Enemy to Styles P and Young get the picture. For the Crate Diggas....enjoy