Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diggin In The Crates: The Younghearts "Do You Have The Time"

The title track "Do You Have The Time" jumps off with a dope bassline just laying there butt naked waiting for me to swoop in a sample the shit out of it with another raw break later in the song that is similar but with a little more energy. I saw that it was sampled back in 1989 by Ace & Action ("Together"), but that's not enough to deter me from twisting it myself. Then when you flip the wax over and drop the needle on the SKATT version of "Do You Have The Time"...loaded with jewels. "Me & You" has some dope bars that I've been tinkering with too. If you got any sample chops at all you can hear the breaks I'm fuckin' with, although some of the loops I'm chopping are only 2 bar measures. The Younghearts have another album ("We're All God's Children" - 1974) that I've chopped up before.

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