Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Boi Saves Hip-Hop!

Just when I was convinced Hip-Hop had fallen into a major rut, Big Boi returns to save the day. Enough tracks from the album had already leaked that I was convinced this album would be epic, but now I can honestly say Big Boi has the best album of 2010. “Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son of Chico Dusty” is a fucked up album title that needs an acronym or nickname though. That shit is mad long. The album’s unique and crisp production stands out right away, beginning with the funky guitar riff and piano in the intro track. Not for nothing, but I’m a big fan of the talk box so hearing that in the intro had me noddin my head with the scrunch face. Just funky. Listen to all that’s going on in the production throughout the album and you’ll know immediately why this album stands out as the best of 2010. This is one of the most diverse albums in Hop-Hop and easily the most refreshing this year. Let me give props to Scott Storch for producing Shutterbug. The song is dope and it’s good to hear him finding his creativeness again. The engineering is phenomenal too. Listen to the crisp sound of “Follow Us” for a quick reference and all you home studio engineers take notes. You can miss me with that “General Patton” shit though. Apparently that has Big Boi rapping over a sample from a Georg Solti Opera performance…eh…miss me with that. Listen to “Theme Song” at about the 1:14 mark there’s a mad funky little guitar riff that comes in and *poof* disappears until the end when it comes back briefly. That shit is fuckin dope! There are all kinds of little nuggets like that sprinkled all over the album. All the bonus tracks can be found on the Big Boi “Daddy Fat Sacks” mixtape if you can’t get the full version of the album with the bonus cuts. You need to download that if nothing else just for the song “Tightrope” with Janelle Monae. That shit is bananas. “Ringtone” is the same as “Theme Song” by the way. Apparently the label couldn’t resolve whatever issue it is with Andre 3000 being on the album, but you can get that classic flava on the “Royal Flush” track from the Daddy Fat Sacks mixtape.

01. Feel Me (Intro)
02. Daddy Fat Sax
03. Turns Me On (ft.Sleepy Brown & Joi)
04. Follow Us (ft.Vonnegutt)
05. Shutterbugg (ft.Cutty)
06. General Patton (ft.Big Rube)
07. Tangerine (ft.T.I. & Khujo)
08. You Ain't No DJ (ft.Yelawolf)
09. Hustle Blood (ft. Jamie Foxx)
10. Be Still (ft.Janelle Monae)
11. Fo Yo Sorrows (ft.George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris)
12. Night Night (ft.B.o.B & Joi)
13. Shine Blockas (ft.Gucci Mane)
14. The Train Part II (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves the Day) (ft.Sam Chris)
15. Back Up Plan
16. Theme Song
17. Shine Blockas (Remix) (ft.Gucci Mane, Bun B & Project Pat)

Bonus Tracks:
01 -Chicken N Birds
02 -Dubbz
03 -Tightrope Feat Janelle Monae
04 -Nothin On You Feat BOB, Bruno Mars
05 -Ringtone
06 -Royal Flush Feat Andre 3000, Raekwon
07 -Magnificent Feat Rick Ross, John Legend
08 -She Got A Friend

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