Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keith Sweat "Ridin Solo"

Keith Sweat finally releases a new album and I don't think anybody even knows he was working on a new album. I've noticed that R&B artists and their managers/labels are falling way behind the curve in marketing and promotions. They really need to step up their game, but that's a whole other blog. "Ridin Solo" is Keith Sweat's first album release since the Christmas in Love back in 2007 and he's still the shit! If you are not familiar with Keith Sweat (its been a long time for him lol) this album is for the grown and sexy moments - not something you're going to ride around bumpin out the trunk or kickin it with ya boys playin X-Box. You play Keith Sweat for one reason: SEX. The first track is Famous which is hot but I couldn't understand why Keith Sweat would roll with auto-tune. I guess just trying to keep up with trends in music. Full Time Lover is nice but not a real standout for me. I think it was the snare that turned me off. Test Drive (featuring Joe) is a definite highlight. Speaking of snares - the snare hit reminded me of the one the SOS Band used for like every song they ever did. The title track Ridin Solo is one of the weakest songs on the entire album, but don't get it twisted - this entire album is fire. This is probably one of the top 5 R&B albums of 2010 - at least so far. Genius Girl has a fly as hell hook. Real simple, but so damn smooth. Do Wrong Tonight is okay, but if I'm skipping any tracks this is the first one I jump past. Hood Sex is cool until you hit the 2:34 mark and the wack rappin ruins it. A sure sign of wack rapper coming in to ruin a song is when you hear the "hey, hey, hey". Its All About You starts off real slow but once it kicks in and you hear the classic Keith Sweat sound the song becomes one of the favorites of the album. Im The One You Want is going to spark some memories with the rip from The System "Happy" kicking it off. Live In Person is dope but I would love to remix this one with more effort put into the production. Let me find an acapella for this and it's on! The beginning of Its a Shame where Keith is on the phone talking to some girl-comes a cross a little creepy. I couldn't figure out why they edited the word "shit" out of the first verse. If you don't want to have any explicit language in a song then don't write it into the lyrics. The last song of the album is Tropical and it does have a nice mellow island flavor to it - right up until he comes in with the inevitable Ja'fakin. Its Keith Sweat dammit! I KNOW he could have gotten a legitimate island talent to rip that piece of the song. Overall there are 12 tracks on the album and you could hit play on track one and never pick up the needle - just let the full album ride. Check it out for yourself: Keith Sweat "Ridin Solo"

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