Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I get a lot of artists asking for feedback on their music and I usually give feedback as constructively as possible, but it seems like I have been saying the same things over and over recently. The number one thing I am looking for when I get new music submissions is that immediate “OH SHIT!” reaction. Big production with that “nod ya head” effect and something unique from the artists themselves and a hook that I will remember. The majority of artists flooding the game with new music don’t do anything to set themselves apart from all the others doing the same damn thing. Those that do – I will support you all day on the radio, in the clubs, and on my mixtapes. With that being said, let me offer a few points to those who want to submit music to me:

• Tag your MP3s with “artist name–song title” and not “track 03”
• If you send me a link, make sure I can preview the song before downloading it
• If you hit me on twitter–add your twitter name to the email so I know its you
• Be prepared for honest feedback

If I like your song and want to add it to my rotation across all mediums (radio, mixtapes, clubs) I am going to follow up with a request for the street, acapella, and instrumental versions. Having all 3 allows me to truly work your song into the mix with whatever I am doing. Make sure you are getting all of the available versions when you wrap it up at the studio so you are prepared for these kinds of requests.

If you really come with a unique style and honestly dope music I will most likely hound you for more music, drops, and a mixtape. With that said, please ask yourself what sets you and your music apart from anyone else? Do you REALLY have a unique delivery? Do you REALLY have dope lyrical skills with witty wordplay and rhymes that can go deeper than simple one and two syllable words strung together? Is your production dope or are you just rippin somebody’s instrumental from a song that I got tired of 2 weeks ago? I hate remixes and don’t want to hear you rhyming over Drake’s latest track.

If you honestly think you got that unique heat to make the mix send your MP3s to

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