Sunday, September 12, 2010


Marques Houston returns after a long hiatus with his solo album “MATTRESS MUSIC” and the first thing that jumps out to me is damn…only 11 tracks total? Maybe he’s not ready to actually release the album. It’s been a long time since albums only had 10-12 tracks. Anyway, the first song is the title track Mattress Music which is nice, but not really epic. Its worthy of some radio support but I don’t expect it to be a major hit. Especially with the already popular Pullin On Her Hair as the next track. Kickin and Screamin has been out for a while now too. By now anyone who wanted these 2 tracks has already bootlegged both from the internet so now your album is down to 9 tracks. Not really understanding the strategy behind this album release. Mess is track 4 and is a nice mellow song but I don’t care for the vocal effects. Noize is easily a better song compared to Mess. At this point it’s my favorite track from the album. Swag Sex featuring Soulja Boy has also been out for too long to be a legitimate draw to buyers, even though it is still a dope song. Again, I don’t understand the strategy behind this release. He Ain’t Me is absolute fire! Now I have a new favorite from the album just 2 songs later. This one is going in my mixes. High Notes was leaked a while back, but I don’t think it got the buzz it’s worthy of and should get more spins now. Ghetto Angel is a real nice record. I really like this one too. Marques definitely titled this album right. Mattress Music is exactly what this album is all about and should definitely get some late night spins in dark bedrooms around the world. Explosion is a great fit for the album and follows perfect behind Ghetto Angel. The final track is Waterfall and is a fantastic finish. Although I don’t understand the strategy behind releasing an 11 track album when 3 have already been getting a ton of play – that doesn’t change the fact that the album is solid from start to finish. If you are already a fan of Marques Houston you will love the album. Even casual fans of Marques should appreciate the sex appeal of the album. This is one that I will definitely be stashing in the bedroom for that background music….well, you awready know.

1. Marques Houston – Mattress Music (4:18)
2. Marques Houston – Pullin On Her Hair (Feat. Rick Ross) (3:44)
3. Marques Houston – Kickin And Screamin (3:36)
4. Marques Houston – Mess (3:17)
5. Marques Houston – Noize (4:38)
6. Marques Houston – Swag Sex (Feat. Soulja Boy Tell Em) (3:24)
7. Marques Houston – He Aint Me (4:01)
8. Marques Houston – High Notes (3:42)
9. Marques Houston – Ghetto Angel (3:33)
10. Marques Houston – Explosion (4:07)
11. Marques Houston – Waterfall (4:11)

I just can't bring myself to posting a download link. I think this album is going to suffer the consequences of such a short track listing with 3 of the 11 tracks already widely available for donwload all over the internet. The album is worth your money.

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