Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finally took some time to listen to Trey Songz’ new album which has a total of 18 tracks, although once you eliminate the intro and interludes you’re left with 14 tracks. Love Faces is a beautiful song. The only thing I didn’t like was the snare hit. I think if they would have used a rim shot this song would have been perfect. Massage is a great follow up and definitely a favorite of mine. Alone drops in next and is another highlight. Everyone is familiar with Bottoms Up by now so I don’t really need to say anything. Just respect the numbers that single has already put up on the charts. Can’t Be Friends has an odd drum pattern, but the song works. Please Return My Call is one of my favorites from the album. Am I the only one that hears the Con Funk Shun influence in the production? Real nice. Made To Be Together is still another highlight from the album. I really like the arrangement of this song; the way it builds and eases back, and the bridge is fly as hell with the harmonies. Red Lipstick is blazing hot! By now I have realized that I will never be able to pick one favorite from this album. Loving the whole album so far and we’re 11 tracks in. Even though I am really burned out on Drake, I dig Unusual too. Now Doorbell? Pffffft this shit is just mad erotic. The production caught me right away. I need a woman to belly dance for me with this song banging out the speakers in the bedroom. Unfortunate was just okay until I heard the hook with the chorus of voices, then I really liked the song. Blind is the first track I did not like. The beat sounds like some old school light punk or a wack attempt at Seattle grunge. Not feeling this song at all. You Just Need Me was more disappointment. The production at the end of the album completely abandons the vibe already well established with the rest of the album. Why? Did he really need a beat with a rock flare on Blind? Did he really need the Euro-flavored beat in You Just Need Me? Already Taken is okay, but nothing I will pull out of the album to put in my mixes. When all is said and done, I really like the album. Of the 18 tracks I will pull out the intro and interludes and the last 3 tracks. That leaves me with 11 that I will load into my playlists and put to use.

01 Here We Go Again (Interlude)
02 Love Faces
03 Massage
04 Alone
05 Bottoms Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
06 Pain (Interlude)
07 Can’t Be Friends
08 Please Return My Call
09 Made To Be Together
10 Pleasure (Interlude)
11 Red Lipstick
12 Unusual (Feat. Drake)
13 Doorbell
14 Passion (Interlude)
15 Unfortunate
16 Blind
17 You Just Need Me
18 Already Taken

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