Friday, November 12, 2010


Of course the full album leaked so I might as well offer my album review, rather than dragging it out with singles here and there.

Cassidy “C.A.S.H.”

“Face 2 Face” been out for a minute but I still dig it simply for the thoughts of the battles Cassidy imagines. The song reads like a great show that MTV or BET should make a run at it (with a fat chance of any of these artists actually battling). If nothing else, “Face 2 Face” proves Cassidy is a true Hip-Hop head with knowledge of the history of the rap game. “Paper Up” is comical, but not something I would spin on the regular. This one is for the spins around the house when I’m just chillin. Bink has a production track record that is on some heavy platinum status and this “Monsta Muzik” beat is a great illustration of the depth Bink delivers with his production. Cassidy does his thing with the track, but honestly I was more interested in the production and all the ill drum fills. “One Shot” kicks off like it should be a Lil Jon record, but Cassidy quickly puts his signature on the track and blazes it not only with his lyrical assault, but he is a co-producer of the beat too. One of my top picks from he album. “All Day All Night” brings the first featured artist in on the album with the Game making an appearance. Not really impressed, but I’m not a fan of Game so that may have skewed my opinion of the track before I even hit play. So I skipped to “Girl Like Her” featuring Mya and again wasn’t impressed. Cassidy for the most part delivers Hip-Hop for the streets so this kind of industry/radio vibe seems out of place. “Drumma Bass” has a dated sound with Cassidy trying to jump on the jig movement. Yet another song skipped after less than 1 minute in. “Hate Me or Love Me” is dope with Cassidy’s wordplay but I wasn’t really feeling the production. Still, it’s worth a listen simply for punch lines like “we bad boys getting’ dirty money without Diddy”. “High Off Life” sounds like it belongs on a mixtape, but not an album cut by any means. Then we get to my favorite track of the entire album “Awww Shit” featuring Red Café. This one is dope from every perspective. Production is hot, the lyrical flips are dope, Red Café is a perfect feature…this one will get plenty of spins from me. “Imma G Boy” is dope, but you have to wait for the corny hook to pass. Cassidy went in with his wordplay and delivered another top pick from the album (minus the corny ass hook). “She Addicted” is really a comical follow up to “Imma G Boy”. Cassidy should have put more thought into the album arrangement because “She Addicted” shakes all the power off the way Cassidy went in on the previous track. “Peace” is a nice track on concept alone. Lyrically its okay, but the production seems kind of lazy with a simple loop running throughout the majority of the song. “Music in my Blood” is the final track and I always expect an artist to save one of their best tracks for last and Cassidy didn’t disappoint. This fool said “you should watch who your wife let in her house, I ain’t sleep with her but I slept with her mouth, I’m pathetic had her doin’ calisthenics with her mouth, skeet-skeet got one of them teeth pregnant in her mouth - ouch”. Classic Cassidy with the ill punch lines! “C.A.S.H.” is 14 tracks deep and I keep 6 of those in my serato files. The rest…meh.

01. Face 2 Face (Produced By Bink)
02. Paper Up (Produced By Cassidy And Neyo Da Matrix)
03. Monsta Muzik (Produced By Bink)
04. One Shot (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch)
05. All Day All Night Ft. Game (Produced By Cassidy And Neyo Da Matrix)
06. Girl Like Her Ft. Mya (Produced By Cassidy)
07. Drumma Bass (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch)
08. Hate Me Or Love Me (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch)
09. High Off Life Ft. Junior Reid And Notch (Produced By Cassidy And Vinylz)
10. Awww S*** Ft. Red Cafe (Produced By Stoopid On Da Beat)
11. Imma G Boy Ft. Ar-Ab (Produced By Cassidy And Rulet Records)
12. She Addicted Ft. Nalia Boss (Produced By Cassidy)
13. Peace (Produced By Boi-1Da)
14. Music In My Blood (Produced By Cassidy)

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