Friday, November 12, 2010


Noah Jones dropped his street album “Cinematic” recently and I immediately became a fan of Noah Jones and started breaking him into my mixes. He’s got lyrical talent with wordplay that keeps you leaning towards the speaker to catch each line and a unique blend of production throughout the album that keeps me hitting replay.

There are 15 tracks on “Cinematic” with production coming from a group of seven producers: Jimi Kendrix, Quest, Aisho, Sheven the Producer, Paul Cabbin, Hit Service, and Raw Steele. The benefit of working with 7 different producers is that the album keeps the energy high with a different vibe bouncing from each track and some truly unique styles. I really liked the sample flip of the classic “Shamboozie” from Bob James that Jimi Kendrix chopped for Noah’s “Let’s Do It”.

I think “Superfly” has the best opportunity to be the big radio single from the album. The production is hot, Noah delivers his wordplay with a smooth flow, and the hook is fly as hell. “Patron Song” could be another radio single for Noah. I can definitely see “Patron Song” doing well in the clubs since the song is built around drinking Patron in the clubs.

“N E Way U Want” has a crossover appeal that might find success with the Pop crowds that like to sneak into our world of Hip-Hop. It almost has a Kelis vibe with the way Tania Zygar touches the song with her voice and vibe.

“What I’ve Seen” is a song you really need to hear if for no other reason, the truths that Noah shares. A funny note is his mention of Kelis fuckin’ Nas since I really felt a Kelis flavor with “N E Way U Want”.

Out of the 15 tracks on “Cinematic” I couldn’t find one that I just hated. Noah has assembled a solid project from start to finish so with that said, I highly recommend you download “Cinematic” and let it roll from song 1 through song 15, then just let it ride again. Every time I listen to the album I find another line that hooks me, or a break in the song arrangement that makes me say “Oh, that’s dope!”.

Get connected with Noah Jones on twitter: @NoahJones714

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