Monday, November 29, 2010


Slim Thug has always had one of those unique voices that is immediately recognizable and usually comes through with dope delivery and witty wordplay. My review may be skewed by my personal bias since I have always been a fan of his flow and his signature southern sound.

You’ll hear that immediately with the title track “Tha Thug Show”. The knock on the lead track is the engineering sounds raw and unfinished with levels peaked out. “The Sky” is okay, but I was disappointed with the boring “Gangsta” featuring Z-Ro. The song just feels flat. It’s good to see Slim Thug and Rick Ross collaborate following their squabble over the moniker “Boss” and their collaboration “How We Do It” is definitely a highlight of the album. I usually hate simple drum patterns like that in “Movie” featuring Rimidi, but this song is fly as hell. “Neighborhood Supa Stars” and “100’s” shouldn’t be back to back because they sound SO MUCH alike, but both deliver on Thugga’s signature sound. Of those 2 I liked “100’s” most because it feels like it has more energy. “Beat It Up” is easily one of my favorites of the album. No one does that vibe better than Houston and no one from Houston could do it any better than Slim Thug. Before you even hit play on “So High” you should already know that any song featuring B.o.B. is going to have that crossover feel so I was prepared for it. With that said, this song is fly as hell too and easily another highlight of the album that should get some good radio spins. Grammy winning producers Play-N-Skillz delivered a dope vibe with the song “Free” but with the island vibe I would have liked it better with an artist like Atiba singing the hooks. “Celebration” has a real Pharrell flavor and is another highlight from the album. “Caddy Music” is again signature sounds of Houston and Devin The Dude’s guest appearance is a great fit. “Comin From” was the first song that really made me wonder if people outside of Texas would appreciate this album? For those of us who have spent some time in those hole-in-the-wall blues spots you can only find in Texas – this song is bananas, except for Big K.R.I.T.’s verse. I’ll be chopping that verse out of the song when I spin it in my mixes. “Murda” is okay, but not a top pick thanks to an organ and synth that never get out of the way and just let Slim Thug ride the beat. That really helps push “Do It Again” higher up my list of top picks from the album since it’s like a cleanser from all that noise in the previous track.

Don’t miss out on the bonus tracks. “F**k U” is a grimy track that will ride heavy in streets across Texas and one of my favorites. “Outta Dere” is my top pick from the album. This is the Slim Thug that I love so much; in your face, gully, raw – dope. Prepare to hear me spinning this heavy and if you hear that spooky bassline bangin up your block it might just be me; this track is made for the block. “Slim Thugga Pimpin” is another highlight. I pity anyone that doesn’t get the album with the bonus tracks. You will miss out big time of you miss these 3 tracks.

Overall, this is one of my favorite albums of the fourth quarter. Living in Texas gives me a definite appreciation for Slim Thug’s vibe and I hope the rest of the nation shows some spotlight on the album. Thugga deserves major shine for the work he put into “THA THUG SHOW” and you can trust I will be spinning it heavy.

1. Tha Thug Show
2. The Sky
3. Gangsta (feat. Z-Ro)
4. How We Do It (feat. Rick Ross)
5. Movie (feat. Rimidi)
6. Neighborhood Supa Stars (feat. Nipsey Hussle & Yo Gotti)
7. 100’s (feat. Big Chief & Lil Keke)
8. Beat It Up (feat. Dallas Blocker)
9. So High (feat. B.o.B.)
10. Free
11. Celebration
12. Caddy Music (feat. Devin The Dude)
13. Coming From (feat. J-Dawg & Big K.R.I.T.)
14. Murda
15. Do It Again (feat. Keisa)
16. F U (Bonus Track)
17. Outta Dere (Bonus Track)
18. Slim Thugga Pimpin (Bonus Track)

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