Monday, November 29, 2010


Alabama’s own Yelawolf has burst on the scene with heavy endorsements and for good reason, he’s got some ill lyrical flow that’s worthy of attention on its own. I’m sure he’s going to grab all of the comparisons to previous white rappers ranging from the Beastie Boys to Kid Rock to Eminem, but if you have to use them as a reference then consider Yelawolf a dope blend of the three all ground into one ill blend of Hip-Hop. Peep Yelawolf’s flow on “Daddy’s Lambo” and you’ll hear some of the grimiest warp speed flow ever spit on wax. The lead track alone is going to stir comparisons to Kid Rock with the heavy southern rock guitar and reverbed-screams; then the beat rolling backwards is definitely going to stir the Beastie Boys comparisons. I don’t care who you compare him to – Yelawolf is fierce with his delivery, bananas with his flow, and his content ranges from comical to battle rhymes. My only knock on him is the content centered around meth and somehow spinning it to be cool. I can’t endorse that by any means. Overlooking that, I am definitely a fan of his flow and cadence and the production on the album is unique and imaginative. I need to do some homework on the producer WillPower who is responsible for 9 of the 12 songs on the album. I also need to get familiar with Rittz the Rapper who blazes his cameo on “Box Chevy”. When Yelawolf kicks in with his warp speed flow on “Good to Go” it’s just ill, then Bun B comes in with his own and the track moves up to one of my top picks from the album.

I’m going to sound like a hypocrite, but I definitely rock the “Marijuana” song and the Nirvana sample is a dope touch that pushes it up my list of top picks from the album. I can’t imagine playing “Marijuana” quietly though – you have to turn it WAY up to get the full loud from it. “Love Is Not Enough” is a great follow up to illustrate just how imaginative the album is – going from a track built around a Nirvana sample to a track featuring samples from Rick James’ “Hollywood”. For those of us who live in the south and drive I-20 on the regular “Love Is Not Enough” is definitely a song that will be on deck when we roll out. “I Wish” is another favorite from the album. The production is okay and the appearance of Raekwon carries a lot of weight, but the real highlight is Yelawolf’s flow and lyrical content. I think “I Wish” is the best definition of the entire album. For all the industry people that say the fourth quarter is typically weak – they got a lot of backpeddling to do this year. Yelawolf’s album is one of the best of 2010.

1. "Get the Fuck Up!"
2. "Daddy's Lambo"
3. "That's What We on Now"
4. "I Just Wanna Party" (featuring Gucci Mane)
5. "Billy Crystal" (featuring Rock City)
6. "Pop the Trunk"
7. "Box Chevy" (featuring Rittz the Rapper)
8. "Good to Go" (featuring Bun B)
9. "Marijuana"
10. "Love Is Not Enough"
11. "I Wish" (featuring Raekwon)
12. "Trunk Muzik"

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  1. Yeller is bringin a new flavor for the South which is crazy dope & much needed right now. Dude is nice with it.