Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Da' Hitman on his Grind

Two months into 2011 and the year has already spawned some nice accomplishments for Da’ Hitman. He has released 7 mixtapes which have already eclipsed 438,000 hits not including his Valentine’s Sex mixtape which was bought out by a local retail outlet to be used for promotion during the Valentine’s Day retail rush. His Unique Styles 2K11 mixtape series has enjoyed a successful launch with volume 1 hosted by Def Jam/We The Best artist Ace Hood on the heels of Ace Hood’s smash hit “Hustle Hard”. awarded the Triple Crown Award for Unique Styles 2K11 Volume 1 as the most viral mixtape, most downloaded mixtape, and featured mixtape; marking Da’ Hitman’s first Triple Crown Award honor of 2011 to follow the three he earned in 2010. Unique Styles 2K11 Volume 2 (hosted by former Ruthless Records artist Hopsin) was recently featured in the March issue of Garberri Magazine while Da’ Hitman also found himself in the fold in Wheels 2000 Magazine.

Along with the early success of Da’ Hitman’s 2011 mixtape catalog, his Unique Styles radio show run moved into its second year of airing every week as part of Swurv Radio’s coveted Saturday Night Live lineup. Da’ Hitman’s role as Music Director at Swurv Radio also accelerated with more control of the music, specifically independent artists, being added to regular rotation at the station. Yet another highlight is the co-branded campaign between Swurv Radio and Tagur Shoes which presented Da’ Hitman with the opportunity to be one of 5 DJs selected for Tagur Shoes endorsement.

March 1st also marked the official launch of Da’ Hitman’s own clothing line under the Unique Styles brand with the premier of two tee shirts geared towards artists and DJs with his “Unique Styles” tee and his “Real DJ Shit” tees. Da’ Hitman is offering his tee shirts at a low price of $19.50 (regardless of size) and has even absorbed the cost of shipping to any state within the continental US.

Da’ Hitman also facilitated the placement of independent artists Eclipse and Miss Marianna with Mims and his Open Bars project with both artists collaborating with Mims on singles which are both currently available on iTunes.

*Mims featuring Eclispe “Dangerous” and Mims featuring Miss Marianna “Vroom Vroom”.

Looking forward, Da’ Hitman has an upcoming mixtape titled “Substance Abuse” set for release on March 21 and Unique Styles 2K11 Volume 3 hosted by Poe Boy/Konvict/Interscope artist Billy Blue right on the heels of Billy Blue’s much anticipated “Blumanatti” release. Da’ Hitman has already scheduled release dates for volumes 4 and 5 of his Unique Styles 2K11 mixtape series with volume 4 hosted by Aftermath Music’s Nikki Grier and volume 5 hosted by Zoolife/G-Unit’s Big Bad 40 (aka 40 Glocc). Da’ Hitman will also be the official DJ for Swurv Radio’s annual Independents Day “Airplay” mixtape which will be released on July 4th.

Da’ Hitman is also a contributing writer for a magazine launching first half of 2011 along with several websites.

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