Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get familiar with Cambatta

Every once in a while I get a random email that opens my ears to a brand new artist who quickly becomes a regular staple in my mixes. That happened today when I got the Cambatta record “Stoopid” (produced by ChaseNCashe) with a link to his mixtape. Once I hit play on the attached MP3 of “Stoopid” I immediately downloaded the “Visionary Two” mixtape to hear more from Cambatta.

Let me get this off my chest now so I don’t have drag it out – “Visionary Twois not a mixtape. It’s a street album with occasional hosting drops from DJ Big Mike, but there is no mix or blend, no scratches or chops. In this case I think doing it that way works best because it allows DJs like me to download it and run with the music without waiting to get “No-DJ” versions of the tracks.

Overall I am impressed most with Cambatta’s wordplay. He’s no pedestrian rapper trying to sneak across the cross walk of Hip-Hop; he’s got legitimate lyrical talent. The majority of the mixtape has a real Boom-Bap flavor, but there is material that I think will appeal to any Hip-Hop listener. My personal favorites from “Visionary Two” are “Stoopid”, “Good Ol Dayz”, “Keepin It Real”, “Glass Half Empty”, and the boomin “So Cocky”. As far as radio potential, I think “So Cocky” is the best track to run out as a radio single and probably the best record to push for club spins.

For the DJs and producers you will love this if you love diggin’ in the crates just to hear the flips of the samples used and trying to identify the samples laced throughout the album.

Get familiar with Cambatta:

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Here’s the single “Stoopid” that caught my attention and had me immediately running the song into rotation at Swurv Radio

Here’s the link to download “Visionary Two”

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