Monday, September 26, 2011

Jyst "Let Me In" Album Review

I finally got the opportunity to push play on Jyst's new album "Let Me In" and immediately knew it would be something I would spin heavy with the Intro (produced by PNut) grabbing my attention with the first guitar lick and the dope vibe that builds with the song. "Ain't Got Long" rolls in next with a laid back flavor that climbs as the 808's boom. I really liked the way Jyst flips his cadence with this record and I'm hooked on his "whooo" adlib. "Ain't Got Long" is definitely one of my top picks from the 12 track album. One thing that jumped out early was the quality of the engineering and mastering which is excellent - something way too many artists ignore or just take for granted.

"Victory" is okay, but the organ/synth pulsing through the entire song is too repetitive and got on my nerves before the 2 minute mark. "I'm Sorry" slides in real smooth with a definite Drake flavor and is quickly another top pick. I like the way the production lays back and keeps it simple to allow Jyst to control the melody and pace. I've been spinning Jyst records for a good while now, but I was really sleeping on his singing which is honestly dope. "Bout to Go Down" has real crossover potential and sounds like it was made specifically for immediate radio adds and club spins. If Jyst ever takes his live show overseas he should enjoy a nice response with "Bout to Go Down". With that said, it's not something I would spin because of it's heavy pop vibe. Like I said - excellent crossover potential.

"Get It On" is one of Jyst's records that I've been leaning on, but I was pleasantly surprised with the new vibe of the song. "Get It On" may be my top pick from the album. Everything about the record is hot, from the production to the hooks to the verses; easily a favorite of mine. "Good Morning Neighbors" is a classic clip from the movie "Coming to America" and should draw a smile from any listener. "I'm On It" is once again another top pick. The hook is catchy as hell and the production has a dope bounce with a hint of a Bootsy Collins-type flavor.Then we come to one of my favorite records to play absolutely retarded loud with the boomin' "Booty Clap". This record rattles trunks with its huge 808's knockin', but wait until you hear the pulsing of that loop in a club - BIG! I'm obviously loving the album, but as a DJ the song "Booty Clap" is the one that fits everything I do from radio to mixtapes to clubs and ESPECIALLY the strip clubs. The bad news for Jyst is he left too much of the beat (produced by JR Hitmaker) wide open at the end which opens the door for other emcees to rip, loop, and stretch into their own versions. As a DJ, once again, that is another reason for me to love the record; I can beat juggle with that break for days.

My favorite thing about "2 Da Bank" is Jyst's cadence and the way he bounces the pitch into a sing-song type flow. I really like the breakdown in the beat (Produced by Futuristik 911) at the 3:30 mark. "All Dem Girlz" takes way too long to get started with the first 49 seconds wasting away while the song builds. The song really has an outro-type sound and isn't enough to hold my attention for the full 5 minutes and 12 seconds. The final track is "Out My Face" and it really sounded like the producer (Futuristik 911) was trying to ride the success of Lex Luger's sound with the organ playing an all too familiar melody. I hated the muted snare to kick it off too. Jyst dives into a dope Yelawolf-type flow around the 2:15 mark which had me forgetting that I was just bitching about the production. That really saved the final track.

Overall this is an absolute must-add album for DJs with Jyst providing something for everyone; same goes for any avid Hip-Hop fan. If I could only recommend 10 albums a year for fans to purchase, Jyst's "Let Me In" would be right in the middle of the 10 albums on my list. Jyst takes the economy out of the picture and makes it easy for fans can have this album for free! Listen, download, and enjoy!

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