Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Mixtape: Jyst "Let Him In"

I've been spinning Jyst (pronounced like heist, but with a J) for a while now so I was excited for the release of his album "Let Me In" (album review here). Once I heard the album I reached out to ask if I could do a mixtape to follow the release of the album and days later we come to the release of the mixtape "Let Him In".

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Mixtape: Let Him In

"Let Him In" features new music from Jyst's recent album along with a couple exclusive remixes and some bonus material. As always, the mixtape is free to listen/download at a number of websites:
Mediafire link for full mixtape package
MixtapePage link to listen/download
MixtapePass link to listen/download
ThatCrack link to listen/download
TweetMyMixtape link to listen/download
MixtapeFactory link to listen/download
MidwestMixtapes link to listen/download
Coast2Coast Mixtapes link to listen/download

"Let Him In" at the Justos
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at IDJ Trade Association
"Let Him In" at STL HipHop
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at
"Let Him In" at Straight 2 the Streets Magazine
"Let Him In" at Spicey Promotions
"Let Him In" at DAMO Entertainment
"Let Him In" at Core DJ Radio
"Let Him In" at Team Bigga Rankin

Get familiar and get connected with Jyst on Facebook, Twitter, and of course at

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