Friday, December 23, 2011

DJ 2 DJ - New Music

I always check for anything another DJ sends and can usually count on legitimate heat when its from one DJ to another DJ. For any other DJs who want to send over the singles you are working, please send mp3s/DJ service packs/drops to If it's hot it's in the mix.

From DJ Infamous (@DJInfamous804) Rum (@redrumva) "Twerk Hard"

From DJ K Yung @djkyung "We Bout That"

From Nexplicable P @NexplicableP (I was tuned into her radio show on NexRadio and heard these-had to get 'em for my own mixes)

Alja Jackson @AljaJackson - Prettiest Girl

CJ Hilton @iamcjofficial Ft. Kingpen Slim @kingpenslim - Cold Summer (Remix)

D. Wise @mrdwise - On My Way (Please You)

D Flair @DFlair ft JDP - Hip Hop Girls


  1. I agree! That Prettiest Girlz is dope - shoutout to Nexplicable P for turning me on to that

  2. I really appreciate you giving these artists some shine Hitman! You're the best!!

  3. You are P! I just hope the artists show you some love fore getting their music in the ears of more DJs