Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank You DJ

Artists and those who represent artists always tell me they would love to buy me a drink for twisting their music on a mixtape or spinning their music on my radio shows or bringing their music to the clubs. If you ran into me in the club would you buy the DJ a drink? What if we bumped into each other at the corner store...would you buy the DJ a Snickers or a 12 pack of Pepsi (also known as "Nectar of the Gods" if you let me tell it)? Really want to thank your favorite DJ? Buy me a bottle of Amaretto-if you know me then you know I love Pepsi and Amaretto on ice - you should try it. These are a few of my favorite things. No DJ is opposed to hearing "Thank you DJ" and I am sure not opposed to anyone buying me a Snickers, a Pepsi, a bottle of my favorite Amaretto...

Treats 4 the DJ

Shoot me your twitter "@" when you buy me a drink. Toast one up with me @DaHitman

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