Friday, December 9, 2011

Get familiar with Matrimony

I stayed in tonight to finally go through 50 Cent's new Big Ten project ("Put Your Hands Up" and "Off and On" are the best 2 tracks), JR Writer's proejct ("100 N The Clip" is the best track), Los's project ("Stroke of Genius" is my top pick), the new GLC mixtape ("Empty Town", "Full Hand", and "Mack on Mack Strong" are 3 hot records), Tyga's mixtape ("Bitch I'm the Shit", "Dancin For Dollas", "Heisman Pt 1 & 2", and "The Motto" are my top picks)...anyway...I got a random tweet from Matrimony @MatrimonyHarlem on twitter with a youtube link which normally I wouldn't even check, but this time I did - and I'm thankful I did! Peep the video of Matrimony's battle with Norma Bayts

So now I'm really checkin for Matrimony and her music. I love classic rap battles and this one was a classic...had to post it up

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