Sunday, December 11, 2011

Give the DJ some!

So I saw the video for the "Kings of the Streets" record with DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, DJ Doo Wop, DJ Kay Slay rappin and I ain't mad at the record at all.

For me, this record is a sign of the times. DJs used to get love from artists with full anthems built around giving the DJ props. Not random and vague "salute the DJ" talk; I'm talking about full songs about the DJ by name. Run-DMC honored Jam Master Jay with classic material like "Peter Piper" and "Jam Master Jay". LL honored DJ Cut Creator repeatedly, the Skinny Boys honored DJ Superman Jay, Rakim honored Eric B with "Eric B for President", Kurtis Blow honored AJ...when is the last time you heard a record that gave a specific DJ props? Not a one-line shoutout, but a full dedicated-to-my-DJ record?

I know that artists need to network with as many DJs as possible, but most artists have 1 or 2 DJs that have been riding for them from the jump and putting in real work behind the artist and his records. Why don't artists lock in a DJ and work as a duo anymore? Why can't an artist say "This is my mu'fuckin DJ!"? I could go on and on, but to keep it short - give the DJ some! If you have a DJ that's behind you and your music - take some time to craft an anthem for that DJ and provide that DJ with his very own "Jam Master Jay" anthem.

And you wonder why DJs are rappin' now...if we don't rep for ourselves, who will?

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