Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Diggin in the Crates: Pretty Purdie & Funk Factory

Just finished chopping samples out of the Pretty Purdie "Soul Drums" album and thought I would share it with the producers and DJs that are looking for some high energy drums from Bernard "Pretty" Purdie with that late 60's flavor. I was honestly surprised to find that there are very few uses of samples from Pretty Purdie.

Since it has been so long since I posted any entries in the Diggin In The Crates section I thought I'd pass along another treat: Funk Factory's "Funk Factory" album. I've already used chops from the lead track "Watusi Dance", but I'll be twisting in a lot more of this into my mixes. Slam full of wide open organ riffs, wah guitar work, percussion, and some odd bits and pieces of sounds. The vocals are wack as hell though-fair warning. If you like the Beastie Boys you will recognize the source of the sample they used for their "Car Thief" track (also sampled by 3 6 Mafia for "Puttin' Hoez on the House"). I definitely suggest checking out "Lilliput". Watch for some chops of that to show up in my next mixtape.

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