Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Music

What's in your email? After I downloaded the new Smoke Bulga and 40 Cal projects I started working through the mp3s in my email. You know I try to support good music so here ya' go - turn it up and enjoy.

Gengis Khan (@Gengis24) "Blaze It Up" via Morris Corp Entertainment (@JMorrisCEO)

Gerreddi (@Gerreddi) ft Fat Trel (@FatTrel) "Go Bananas" via DJ2DJ from @DJYKCOR

Wordsmith (@WordsmithMusic) "The Limit" (Produced by Strada)

The Players Clvb (@dougiesroom @ThePlayersClvb @moneyAFG) "Yxung Mxney Mvker"

For the DJs, if you need drops or DJ service packs - hit the artist's twitter and reach out for whatever you need.

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