Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gerreddi "Deep Cover" (Freestyle) Video

Let me first preface this by saying: artists - do not send youtube video links to DJs via twitter unless that DJ is already fuckin' with you and your music. When a random artist spams me with a youtube vid link on twitter it just irritates me. Now that that's out of the way I can give huge props to the fam Gerreddi (out of DC) for the new video for his "Deep Cover (Freestyle)". For those that don't already know, I been supporting Gerreddi for a minute: Unique Styles Vol 11, Unique Styles Show 4-16-11 (you can listen to that show on the link), DJ 2 DJ New Music Blast last month (Shoutout to DJ YKCOR), and of course on my Slap That Mix volume 4.

Get connected with Gerreddi and follow him on twitter @Gerreddi and be sure to hit his website

Video directed by Philly Vuitton and edited by Red Dot
Black mob Media, 2012

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