Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kartel Klik "Tattoos and Piercings" (DJ 2 DJ)

DJ Phiya hit me with the new heater "Tattoos and Piercings" from the Kartel Klik (@FreezeKK3 & @KartelKLik on twitter) tonight via DJ 2 DJ. Check it out below and hit me with your feedback in the comments below. DJs, if you need the clean version of this record, hit up DJ Phiya on twitter at @livewiredjphiya.

Here's a tip for artists: Get connected with a DJ that is willing to vouch for your music like DJ Phiya did for the Kartel Klik. If I get music direct from another DJ, I can guarantee at the very least I will listen to it - I trust submissions from other DJs more than any other possible source.

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