Monday, February 20, 2012

Sutter Kain - Traitor

Got this one in my inbox today via DJ Bless (@DJBlessNSD on twitter) and I dig this record. I'm a junkie for Unique Styles and I think Sutter Kain most definitely fits that description. Peep the "Traitor" record below and hit me with your feedback. For the DJs; hit up DJ Bless on twitter for the full DJ service pack including the street, radio, acapella, and instrumental versions.

Artist: Sutter Kain feat. Naymez & Donnie Darko
Song: Traitor
Album: Yall aint Kill Me Yet
Label: Never So Deep Records
Produced By Sutter Kain
Sutter Kain Twitter: @DJBlessNSD
Donnnie Darko Twitter: @DarkoNSD
Naymez Twitter: @Naymez

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