Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Da' Hitman interviewed at THE URBAN LINK

I was recently interviewed at THE URBAN LINK and touched on topics ranging from my influences as a DJ to current shift in music to advice for new artists, etc. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Among the current members of the Hip Hop DJ royal family is one of the South’s most prolific mixtape and touring masters of the mix and his name is…Da’ Hitman. With multiple RIAA certified gold records and having hosted mixtapes for some of the new music elite, this Hip Hop celebrity mixer stays true to the real calling of the title. Da’ Hitman breaks records, gives artists the needed exposure to new fans and uses his radio platform as well as his social media presence like a true magician.

Music Industry changes have created a niche for DJs who specialize in the new version of the album…Mixtapes. While there are several divisions of mixtapes, i.e. celebrity hosted compilations and single artist projects hosted by the mixing DJ, the overall effect is the same, Long Play (LP) albums are making a return albeit in a different format.

DJs who specialize in producing mixtapes and spinning live mixes to audiences are once again being considered music industry royalty. Real DJs paying homage to the creators of the mix, cut and scratch elements of Hip Hop are now the one’s breaking records…again.

I was blessed to have Da’ Hitman carve out some time and give me one of the best interviews I have conducted with a Hip Hop personality in quite some time."

Visit THE URBAN LINK to read the full interview

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